(Syllabus) RPSC: Syllabus For Post of College Lecturer: Public Administration

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

Syllabus For Screening Test For Post of College Lecturer: Public Administration

  1. Public Administration : Meaning, nature, scope & significance. New Public Administration, New Public Management.
  2. Theories and Approaches : Classical, Human Relations, Bureaucratic & Public Choice, Scientific Management, Behavioural, Systems and Structural-Functional.
  3. Principles : Hierarchy, Span of Control, Unity of command, Delegation, Coordination Leadership, Decision Making, Communication, Morale & Motivation.
  4. Administrative Thinkers : Kautilya, C.I. Barnard, Herbert Simon, Chris Argysis, Fred Riggs, Warren G. Bannis, Y.Dror.
  5. Comparative and Development Administration : Meaning, Nature, Scope and Importance of Comparative Public Administration. Features of Administrative Systems of USA, UK, France & China, Concept of Development Administration, Concept and Components of Administrative Development, Development and Non Development dichotomy.
  6. Personnel Administration : Manpower Planning & HRD, Classification, Recruitment - Techniques, Training Methods, Promotion, Career Development, Performance Appraisal, Discipline & Morale, Employees Associations.
  7. Indian Administration : Administrative Legacies, Secretariat System and Principal Ministries in Union Government, Planning Commission, National Development Council, Finance Commission, Secretariat of State Government, Chief Secretary, District Administration.
  8. Issue areas in Indian Administration : Legislative, Judicial and Popular Control over Administration, Lokpal and Lokayukta, Generalist v/s specialist, Minister-Civil servant relationship, Representative, Responsive and Committed bureaucracy.
  9. Financial Administration in India : Budget Preparation, enactment and execution, Role of Ministry of Finance, Parliamentary Control over Finance, Role of C & AG, Performance and Zero based Budgeting in India.
  10. New dimensions in Public Administration and Global Concerns : Concept of Good Governance, Citizens Charter, Right to Information, E.Governance, Role of Civil Society, Human Rights.
  11. Local Administration : Rural and Urban : Meaning, Nature and scope of Local Administration, 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments, Functions, Role and challenges before Local Administration in India, State-Local Relations, State Finance Commissions.

Note :- Pattern of Question Paper

  1. Objective type paper
  2. Maximum Marks : 100
  3. Number of Questions : 100
  4. Duration of Paper : Two Hours
  5. All questions carry equal marks.
  6. There will be Negative Marking.

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