(Test Paper) Psychology Model Test Paper by Khan Study Group, India

Psychology Model Test Paper : TEST 1


1. Answer any three question not more than 200 words. (3 × 20 = 60)
(a) "An understanding of psychology will influence in a positive manner those exposed to its message" Discuss this statement in the light of recent developments
(b) What is multicultural perspective, and how do psychologists take account of it in their research and practice? Illustrate
(c) T-test
(d) Two way ANOVA

2. Define the scales used in the psychological measurement and distinguish between parametric and non- parametric statistic. Illustrate the relative significance of these statistics by citing relevant research problems. (60 marks)

3. (a) Discuss and critically evaluate Brainstorming method and its applications in psychology? (30 marks)
(b) Describe the case study method and its application in psychology? (30 marks)

4. What are the various tools of data collection? Evaluate Questionaire as a tool for collecting data for psychological research. What are the essentials of a good Questionaire? (60 marks)


5. Write short notes on any three of the following? (3 × 20 = 60)
(a) Focused Group Discussion
(b) Field study Vs Field Experiment
(c) Diagnostic and Prognostic Research
(d) Expost- facto Research

6. Discuss and critically evaluate the various types norms used in the construction of a psychological Test? Show how norm-referencing is different from Criterion - referencing? In your opinion which one is better? (60 marks)

7. "Response sets are the enemy of the validity" Discuss the statement in the light of various response sets that threatens to occur and also suggest the methods of eliminating the response sets? (60 marks)

8. Why is psychological experiment described as observation under controlled conditions? Explain, with illustration, the difference between control-group and within - subject design of Experiments. (60 marks)

Courtesy: KSG India Group