Books List for Chemistry Optional Suggested by Abhijet Aggarwal's Interview (CSE-2009,AIR-25)

Following is the books list for chemistry optional which i got from Abhijet Aggarwal's interview (CSE-2009,AIR-25) having chemistry and Physics as optional:-

  • Physical chem by Puri Sharma and Pathania
  • Phy chemistry by castellan
  • Phy chemistry by Atkins
  • Chemical Kinectics - Laider
  • Selected topics in inorganic chemistry - Tuli and Madan
  • Inorganic chemisty- Puri sharma and kaila(PSK)
  • Inorganic chemistry, Principle, structure and Reactivity - Huheey
  • Inorg chemistry - J.D. Lee
  • Organic Chemistry - Mcmurry, Morrison and Boyed, Peter Sykes and R.K. Bansal
  • Photochemistry and pericyclic reactions by Jaya singh and Jagdamba singh
  • Spectroscopy -Y.R.Sharma, P.S.Kals, william kemp , Donald Pavia.

These are the books from the article.
Simranjit Singh, IAS Aspirant