(Tips) Some Tips And Strategy For IAS (Geography) By Sidarth IAS Academy

Some Tips And Strategy For IAS (Geography) By Sidarth IAS Academy

Hi, Here are some tips and strategies to handle your Geography paper in the mains exams for the IAS. First heres how you should write your answers.  You should first understand the question and only then attempt to answer it. The question could be discussion-based or analytical or you need to elaborate or elucidate. As a result you are needed to answer according what the question wants. Whatever the query is, you are required to give an orderly and logical presentation of information.  

There should not be any contradiction within or between the answers. What the examiner is looking for in your answers is concept and how organized your thinking is.

  • Thinking pattern is best reflected in the structure of an answer. 
  • There should not be any extreme views when you are debating an issue. 
  • There is no need to quote anyone. 
  • Answers should be well balanced. Every component of the question should be given equal weightage. 
  • The idea is that you might know about all topics but you should develop your own language to write them. 

Focus should be on memorizing facts and then back up with your language. Your expression does not require you to write difficult English words. It should be as simple as possible. 

Listed below are some of the main topics that should be covered. Since some sections come only on alternate years, please follow the trend and exclude a topic if it has been majorly covered in the previous year and choose another in the same category. This does not mean short question may not come. 

Paper I

  • Geomorphology
    Plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanism are significant sections in Geomorphology. The Union Public Service Commission keeps on alternating queries between endogenic and exogenic forces every year. 
  • Climatology 
    In this section, you can expect significant number of questions from tropical cyclones and climatic changes. 
  • Oceanography
    Marine resources, which include biotic, mineral and energy resources and ocean currents are few of the important areas in Oceanography. 
  • Perspectives in Human Geography 
  • Economic Geography 
    Energy crisis 
  • Population and Settlement Geography 
    Distribution of world population Causes and consequences of migration Functional classification of towns 
  • Regional Planning 
    Growth centers and growth poles 
  • Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography 
    Systems analysis in Human Geography Central Places theories of Christaller and Losch Laws of international boundaries and frontiers 

Paper II 

  • Physical setting 
    Structure and relief Natural vegetation 
  • Resources 
    Energy crisis 
  • Agriculture 
    Agricultural intensity Agro and social forestry Livestock resources and white revolution
  • Industry 
    Location factor of cottage industry 
  • Transport, Communication and Trade 
    Growing importance of ports on national and foreign trade, trade balance Developments in communication technology and its impact on economy and society 
  • Settlements 
    Morphology of Indian cities Conurbations and metropolitan regions Urban sprawl Slums and associated problems 
  • Regional Development and Planning 
    Decentralised planning Multi-level planning Geography and regional planning 
  • Political Aspects
    Geographical basis of Indian federalism India and geopolitics of the Indian ocean 
  • Contemporary Issues 
    Environmental hazard like landslide Changes in pattern of land use Principles of environmental impact assessment and environmental management.

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i was taking coaching for geography, plz inform me, only these topics under the main head we have to prepare for mains? for prelims what topics and books we have to refer for geography questions given in general studies? plz tel me

I'ld also like to know about the best method to prep for geography.

which other books to be followed?

if i study geography from mains point of view, will it b easy for me 2 go through prelims or i hav 2 give extra attention 2 prelims and den start for mains????

Hi Everyone,

I have taken my options as Geography and history as my options.
I would like someone can join me to do a group study..
No need to sit and study together.. but we can discuss the topics even
Kindly let me know if anyone is ready to join me.



I am also thinking to go with same optional, but Maths has always been my stronghold. Since am preparing for 2012, am planning to cover all three subjects at least once to give me an idea of my position and comfortableness.

I am currently working as well, but will quit soon.
Let me know if interested to join in for discussions sometime in week or so. I really believe, it helps in understanding. Also, we can divide topics and at the end of the day teach each other the same. saves time in studying...what say?

Give me a call at 09560333659 or drop me a mail at ashishgargcse@gmail.com and we can discuss more about it.
All the best.