(Tips) Personality Attributes UPSC is Looking For

Tips : Personality Attributes UPSC is Looking For

Extent, depth of knowledge, practical knowledge, fluency, forceful, logic, rationality, clearheaded, analytical, systematic, practical approach, realistic, alive to facts and limitations, convincing ability.

Self confidence, self assuredness, initiative, enterprise, drive, dash, push, motivation, courage, pluck, guts, promptness to take decisions, determination, perseverance, judjement, industry, energy, effort, hardwork, power of command, willingness to take risks.

Cheerful, pleasant, lively, eager, alert, ambitious, smart turnout, poise, graceful movements, confident approach, straight walk, looking into eyes while speaking, straight spine.

Positive thinking. Confident and determined approach. Optimistic. Hopeful. Sense of right and wrong. No unreasonable fear. No persecution complex.No jealousy. No irritable nature.

Clear aim and objective. Ambition and goal in life. Planning, Methodical and systematic approach, Mobilisation and utilisation of resources. Discipline. Loyalty. Integrity. Moral values. Sincerity.


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