Q-1 Who among the following advocated scientific socialism ?
(a) Robert Owen (b) Proudhon Pierre
(c) Karl Marx (d) saint simon Henri Claude

Q-2 During the mughal period, which one of the following traders were the first to come to India
(a) Portuguese (b) Dutch
(c) Danish (d) England

Q-3 Who among the following was appointed by Ashoka to administer justice in this empire
(a) Shramana (b) Uparika
(c) Rajuka (d) Kumaramayta

Q-4 Who was popularly known as Lokhitawadi ?
(a) G.C. Agarkar (b) M.G. Ranade
(c) R.G. Bhandarkar (d) G.H. Deshmukh

Q-5 Who among the following was the first economist to hold the office of secretary , Department of Economic affairs in the union finance ministry
(a) Dr. I.G. Patel (b) Dr. Manmohan Singh
(c) Rakesh Mohan (d) Dr. M.S. Ahluwalia

Q-6 What does the abbreviation ATR stand for /
(a) Action Taken Result (b) Actually True Report
(c) Action Taken Report (d) Action Taken Rejoinder

Q-7 Who among the following was the founder of the Nyay Darshan one of the six major schools of ancient Indian philosophy
(a) Patanjali (b) Panini
(c) Kapil (d) Gautam

Q-8 The decision to fom the Indian national army (Azad Hind Fauj ) was taken at
(a) Rangoon (b) Bangkok
(c) Kuala Lumpur (d) Tokyo

Q-9 Give the correct chronological sequence of the following
(a) Russion Revolution (b) American War of Independence
(c) Spanish Revolution (d) The French Revolution

Q-10 Which of the following states has the highest female literacy rate , according to 2001 Census ?
(a) Mizoram (b) Kerala
(c) Tamil Nadu (d) Meghalaya

Q-11 Who among the following has been chosen the FDI Personality of the year 2007 in Asia
(a) P. Chidarmbaram (b) Kamal Nath
(c) Ratish Nayaar (d) Kaushik Rai

Q-12 Which of the following Fortune 500 indian companies has suffered loss for the first time in the first quarter of 2005-06 ?
(a) Indian Oil corporation (b) ONGC
(c) Reliance Industries (d) Bharat petroleum

Q-13 Who is the author of “Soul and structure of Governance in India ?
(a) V.K. Duggal (b) Jairam Ramesh
(c) Dr. I.G. Patel (d) Jagmohan

Q-14 Which one of the following processes is not related with chemical weathering
(a) Exfoliation (b) Carbonation
(c) Hydration (d) Oxidation

Q-15 Who invented polio vaccine (oral) ?
(a) Albert Sabin (b) Burkholder
(c) Louis Pasteur (d) Jonas salk

Q-16 Mist is caused by
(a) Dry ice (b) ice eat low temperature
(c) Water vapours at low temperature (d) Carbon-monoxide in solid form

Q-17 The first computer language development was

Q-18 “Smasher” is associated with which of the following sports ?
(a) Boxing (b) Wrestling
(c) Football (d) Volleyball

Q-19 Who among the following is the chirman of the national commission on farmers ?
(a) Vijay Shankar (b) J.P. Batra
(c) Shanta Sinha (d) M.S. Swaminathan

Q-20 India ‘s first mobile court was inauguration in
(a) Maharashtra (b) Haryana
(c) Uttar Pradesh (d) Rajasthan

Q-21 The African union whose cooperation was sought by G-4 to expand UN security
Council has a strength
(a) 43 Members (b). 53 Members
(c) 63 Members (d) 34 Members

Q-22 The capital of the Pallava kings was
(a) Chennapattinam (b) Mahabalipuram
(c) Kanchipuram (d) Madurai

Q-23 “Tipu Sultan “ had his capital at
(a) Srirangapatnam (b) Mysore
(c) Banglore (d) Bhagyanagar

Q-24 “Dronacharya “ awards are given to
(a) Athletes (b) Sports
(c) Carnatic musicians (d) Sports persons

Q-25 “CTBT” is a term related to
(a) Nuclear Weapons (b) Taxes
(c) Space Research (d) Railway Goods

26. Who among the following would take over as the next president of FICCI?
(a) N. Srinivasan
(b) Vijay Kirloskar
(c) Rajeev Chandrasekhar
(d) Rahul Bajaj

27. How many cities will be covered under the government flagship project Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM)?
(a) 25
(b) 53
(c) 100
(d) 63

28. Match the following. Column-I represents companies and column-ii their business areas.
Column-I Column-ii
A. Marriott i. Advertising
B. Heineken ii. Technology
C. AMD iii. Hospitality
D. McCann iv Spirit
Choose the answer from the choices given below:
(a) A-i, B-ii, C-iii, D-iv (b) A-i, B-ii, C-iv, D-iii (c) A-iv, B-iii, C-ii, D-i (d) A-iii, B-iv, C-ii, D-i

29. Researchers have transformed ordinary human skin cells into batches of cells that look and act like embryonic stem cells, but without using cloning technology and without making embryos. These skin cells called
(a) iPS Cells (b) jPS Cells (c) ePS Cells (d) zPS Cells

30. This South India-based business tycoon has been in the news for his stake sale in coffee chain, Barista and telecom operator, Aircel. Identify him from the choices given below:
(a) Vijay Mallya (b) C Sivasankaran (c) A.C. Muthaiah (d) TPG Nambiar

31. Which one of the following is not a private equity company?
(a) Cerberus (b) Carlyle (c) Blackstone (d) ECCO

32. In which year Railway finances were separated from the general finances of the Central Government?
(a) 1920 (b) 1972 (c) 1923 (d) 1924

33. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), a telecom public sector company was set up under the view Telecom Policy, 1999 in –
(a) Oct. 2000 (b) Dec. 2001 (c) Jan. 2002 (d) Oct. 2003

34. What is India’s percapita emission of green house gases (GHG)?
(a) 0.8 tonnes of CO2 (b) 1.0 tonnes of CO2 (c) 1.2 tonnes of CO2 (d) 1.5 tonnes of CO2

35. Consider the following:
I. Cannabis smokers are exposed to more toxic chemicals in each puff than those who smoke only tobacco.
II. Directly-inhaled cannabis smoke contained 20 times more ammonia than cigarette smoke, five
times more hydrogen cyanide and five times the concentration of nitrogen oxides, which affect circulation and immune system.
III. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are linked to reproductive disorders and cancer; while at high levels, ammonia can cause asthma.

Select the code
(a) Only I an II are correct (b) Only I and II are correct
(c) Only II and III are correct (d) All are correctly.

36. Consider the following:
I. The National Food Security Mission aims at increasing production of rice by 10 million tones, wheat by 8 million tones in the next four years.
II. The Mission launched in 305 districts in 16 states. These districts had potential for high rise in Productivity.
III. The strategy was to bridge yield gaps by introducing modern technologies and improved agronomic practices.
Select the code:
(a) Only I and II are correct (b) Only I and III are correct
(c) Only II and III are correct (d) All are correct.

37. Which of the following are the causes of low productivity in Indian Agriculture?
(I) Uneconomic Holdings (II) Out model agricultural Techniques.
(III) Inadequate Irrigation facilities (IV) Lack of credit and marketing facilities
Select the code
(a) I & II (b) II & III (c) I, II, & III (d) None of the above

38. Nissan Motors have entered intio $500 million tie up with Ashok Leyland for 3 JVs. Nissan Motors already has a joint venture agreement with which of the following automobile companies?
(a) Mahindra & Mahindra (b) Tata Motors
(c) Bajaj Autos (d) TVS group

39. A new study provided the first evidence that fatter people may be more affected by expore to
(a) Sun Light (b) X-rays (c) γ - rays (d) Ozone

40. Which among the following owns/own equity stake in the country’s largest commodity exchange, Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)?
(A) Merrill Lynch (B) Citigroup
(C) Financial Technologies (D) Fidelity
Choose the answer from the choices given below:
(a) (A) and (B) (b) (B) and (C) (c) (A), (B) and (C) (d) All of the above

41. Rainbow Revolution is related to which sector of the Economy?
(a) Small Scale Industries (b) Information Technology services
(C) Overall Development of Agriculture sector (d) Mining sector

42. Consider the following:
i. A study suggested that the sea cucumber could provide a potential new weapon to block transmission of the malaria parasite.
ii. the slug-like creature produces a protein, lectin, which impairs development of the parasite.
iii. The protein disrupted development of the parasites inside the insects stomach.
Select the code:
(a) Only I and II are correct (b) Only I and III are correct
(c) Only II and III are correct (d) All are correct.

43. Consider the following:
I. Former Finance Secretary Vijay L. Kelkar has been appointed Chairman of the 13th Finance Commission recently.
II. The Commission was constituted to make recommendations on the norms for distribution of the net tax proceeds between the Union and the States.
III. The recommendations will cover the period from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2015. The commission is expected to make available its report by October

31, 2009.
IV. The Finance Commission is set up under Article 280 (1) of the Constitution every five years.
Select the code:
(a) Only I, II, and III are correct (b) only I, III, and IV are correct
(c) Only II, III, and IV are correct. (d) All are correct.

44. Which one of the following Indian companies owns stake in the Sakhaliu-I Oil and Gas project, off Russia’s far East Coast?
(a) GAIL (b) ONGC (c) IPCL (d) IOC
45. Which of the following companies belonging to the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) is/are not listed on the stock exchange?
A. Reliance Communications
B. Reliance Power
C. Adlabs
Choose the answer from the choice given below:
(a) B and C (b) Only B (c) Only C (d) A and C

46. Which of the following missions was signed recently by London-based Inmarsat with industrialist to deliver high-bandwidth services to Europe, the Middle- East, Asia and Africa?
(a) Alphasat I – XL Mission (b) Alphasat IV – XL mission
(c) Alphasat VII – XL Mission (d) Alphasat IX – XL Mission.

47. Well-known hatchback car model, Fabia is slated to hit the Indian road in January 2008. The model is owned by
(a) Daimler (b) General Motors (c) Skoda Auto (d) Ford

48. Who was the chairman of Second National Commission on labour (NCL) set up in October 1999 by the Government of India?
(a) Dr. C. Rangrajan (b) Aid Hussain (c) Ravindra verma (d) Vijay Kelkar

49. Recent researches suggested that lack of sunlight my increase the risk of
(a) Lung Cancer (b) Uterus Cancer (c) Breast Cancer (d) Liver Cancer

50. Consider the following:
I. The Hebrew University at Jerusalem in Israel has introduced Malayalam as a subject.
II. Students are already learning Telugu and Tamil in the Hebrew University.
Select the code:
(a) Only I is correct (b) Only II is correct.
(c) Neither I nor II are correct (d) both are correct

51. The Green Revolution substantially increase the foodgrain production of India, who among the following mainly contributed to its occurrence?
I. Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
II. Prof. Norman Barlough
III. K. Subramaniam
Select the Code:
(a) I & II (b) II & III (c) I, II & III (d) None of the above

52. Recently, this company has sold its captive BPO operations in India to Genpact. The company in the question is
(a) Citigroup (b) Barclays (c) BNP Paribas (d) General Electric

53. This apparel company was recently in the news for taking punitive measures against its
Indian suppliers who were accused of employing child labours. The company in the question is
(a) Benetton (b) Calvin Klein (c) ECCO (d) GAP

54. Consider the following:
I. Astronomers have reported that there are at least five planets circling a star known as 55 Caneri.
II. One of the first exoplanets discovered, in 1996, was at 55 Caneri.
III. The outermost and haviest Planet in the system, which is four times as massive as Jupiter,circles at a distance of 500 million miles, slightly farther than Jupiter in Solar System and takes 14 years to complete an orbit
Select the Code:
(a) Only I and II are correct (b) Only I and III are correct
(c) Only II and III are correct (d) All are correct

55. This Indian businessman has acquired 50 per cent stake in the US-based small aircraft manufacturer Epic Avia tion for $120 million. The person in the question is
(a) G.R. Gopinath (b) Naresh Goyal (c) Vijay Mallya (d) Subrato Roy

56. For the purpose of providing short term credits to farmers, the government of India introduced Kisan
Credit Card (KCC) Scheme in the year.
(a) 1996 – 97 (b) 1997 – 98 (c) 1998 – 99 (d) 1999 – 2000

57. Which of the following statements is correct?
(a) Kabini, the core of the much-delayed Kaveri engine, is undergoing high altitude testing at the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM) in Moscow.
(b) Kabini primarily makes up Kaveri’s high pressure compressor, high pressure turbine and high pressure combuster
(c) This is the second time that Kabini is taken to Moscow.
(d) All are correct.

58. The RBI is the apex body of Indian Financial System, which of the following functions are performed by the RBI?
I. Monitoring money supply in the Economy.
II. Issues currency other than coins and one Rupees note.
III. Functions as Bankers Bank.
IV. Works as banker to the Government.
Select the Code:
(a) I & lI are correct (b) I, II & III are correct
(c) II, III & IV are correct (d) All of above are correct

59. Consider the following:
I. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Morigaon district of Assam.
II. Pobitora has the highest concentration of rhino population in the world

60. After becoming a part of Jet Airways, Sahara Airlines is now known as:
(a) Jet Sahara (b) Jet Economy (c) Sahara Jet (d) Jet Lite

61. The islands of Bali in Indonesia was visited by 189 countries to debate the commitment of nations on
reducing green house gas emissions, particularly CO2 after
(a) 2010 (b) 2011 (c) 2012 (d) 2013



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
c a c d a c d d b b b a d a a

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
c c d d b b c a b a

26. (c) 27. (d) 28. (d) 29. (a) 30. (b) 31. (d) 32. (d) 33. (a)
34. (c) 35. (d) 36 (d) 37. (d) 38. (a) 39. (d) 40. (d) 41. (c)
42. (d) 43. (d) 44. (b) 45. (a) 46. (a) 47. (c) 48. (c) 49. (a)
50. (d) 51. (c) 52. (a) 53. (b) 54. (d) 55. (c) 56. (c) 57. (d)
58. (d) 59. (c) 60. (c) 61. (d) 62 .(c)