[ TIPS ] For the TYRO of UPSC Examination.... : Priyadarshan Kumar

For the TYRO of UPSC Examination....

1st Stage: To start with ��UPSC Needs Time,Patience,support system(It could be anybody:Either parents or friends) and security(What you want to become if you didn�t get through this Exam?)

2nd Stage: So,did you cogitate over 1st stage?Now,be prepared with those 3 D�s(Dedication,Determination and Diligency).Mind you,you can cultivate them as well�
Self Motivation is the best !!

3rd Stage:

Choose the subjects which gives you pleasure and appeals you and keeps on the toes.
Forget all the Stories�It�s the student who scores not thee subject.
If you are an Engineer or from the science subject then you can choose the subject as per the pattern of the UPSC(Mains)Examination�An examiner gives you marks for what you write and not for how much years you have studied that subject��Read like a student not like a PhD. Scholar
Sounds Cogent isn�t it?

It doesnt matter whether you prepare in USA,UK,India,small city of India or even the at the villages of India�..

So,give yourself 2 years time and just hit the bull !!

This statement comes from my father who is an IPS Officer in India.Its good to share good stuffs.isnt it?

I write my UPSC(PT) in 2007..So, guys who are really serious,join us.No Time Pass please !!

Priyadarshan Kumar
Hardware system Engineer and Chip Designer


m a 1st year b.tech student of civil engineerin....hw can i start my preparation or wat is d tym 2 start preparation 4 ies...?

Im a student of b pharma which subject is good for meins

i am also a student of b.pharm and i have the same question if u know the answer plz. tell me.

upscportal website is very best website for the IAS and other publicservice candidates.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your valuable comments. Now, problem in front of me is previously I was preparing for Bank PO exams and now I am a bank employee and as its one of the toughest exams should I take risk to leave my present job and prepare for the exam. What strategies should be followed to get success in exam as for the first time I will be going to give the UPSC Upper subordinate exams. I will really appreciate if you could spare your few precious minutes to guide me about the strategy formulation, pattern of exam.
Thanks in advance.


Dear Priyadarshan,

Thanks for you comments. I am an engineer working in US for a home appliance company. Ever since my graduation days I had this inclination towards UPSC but somehow wasn't able to manage time and attempt the exam. It's been almost 5 years I am not in pace with my prep since I took up the job, but now I feel that I should write this exam given the fact that I just have two final attempts. While browsing this site I ran into your comment and felt that your suggestion might be of some use to me in my preparation.

I would appreciate if you can throw some light on the below aspects of the exam:

1) Optional subjects for mains
2) Strategy for prep and the exam.

Thank you.


if it possible to take both polticial science and management as a optional???

i am hompath and just started preparation for UPSC... so plz suggest me optional subjects

Dear Sir,
Iam a student of commerce and i have started my preparations for civil service. since i have commerce background i choose my optionals as commerce and accountancy and public administration for mains.But my friends and my parents who are of view that this not the popular optionals and it is very difficult to clear.Therefore iam worried whether i have chosen the right choice or not. Since the particular optional is from academic background iam thorough with my syllabus and iam confident.But still iam fear with other opinions and suggestions.Therefore,sir i kindly request to guide me that i have chosen my right optional or not.Getting into civil service is my childhood dream and ambition.

Thanks and Regards,
Nagalakshmi K