(Download) Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers 2015-2016

Download Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers 2015-2016

Exam Name: Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers

Year: 2015-2016

File Type: PDF

Yashada CET Exam papers


Question no. 1 : In a land mark historic judgement on 14 September 2015, the Delhi High Court, passed which of the following verdict?

1) Acceptance of same gender marriages.
2) Permanent commission of women in the Navy.
3) An unwed mother can claim guardianship of her child without disclosing name of the father.
4) Recognition of the right to negative vote for the electorate in the country.

Question no. 2 : Arrange the following states according to the decreasing order of their underground water resources.

1) Punjab – Telangana – Assam – West Bengal
2) Telangana – Assam – West Bengal – Punjab
3) Assam – West Bengal – Punjab – Telangana
4) West Bengal – Punjab – Assam – Telangana

Question no. 3 : Any expenditure charged on the consolidated fund of India needs the approval of the ........

1) Parliament 2) Prime Minister
3) Cabinet 4) NITI Commission

Question no. 4 : Which of the following statement/s is/are correct?

a) Textile industry contributes about 14% to India’s industrial production and 13% to the country’s export earnings.
b) The decentralized power looms, hosiery and knitting sectors form the largest section of the Textiles Industry.
c) Online sale of handloom products is banned.

1) only b
2) b and c
3) a and b
4) a and c

Question no. 5 : World Health Organisation (WHO) released the Global status report on road safety 2015 on 19th October 2015. Consider the statements in relation to the report. Which of these statements are true?

A) In the last three years 79 countries have seen a decrease in the absolute number of fatalities while 68 countries have seen an increase.
B) Worldwide the total number of road traffic deaths have gone up to 1.50 million per year.
C) The report has been prepared from information of 180 countries.

1) A and B
2) B and C
3) All A, B, and C
4) A and C

Question no. 6 : The famers are provided credit from a number of sources for their short and long term needs.
The main sources of credit to the farmers include.

1) The primary agricultural cooperative societies, commercial banks, RRBs and Private money lenders.
2) The NABARD, RBI, Commercial banks and private money lenders.
3) The District Central Cooperative Banks (DCCB), The lead banks, IRDP and JRY
4) The large scale multi–purpose Adivasis programme, DCCB, IFFCO and commercial banks.

Question no. 7 : “It is a monster made of rock with the head of a man and the body of a crouching lion, with its fore paws extended in front. The figure is over 18 mts high.”. The above description speaks about which famous historical monument?

1) The Great Sphinx of Greece
2) The Sphinx of Assyria
3) The Sphinx of Egypt
4) The Sphinx of Mesopotamia

Question no. 8 : Match the following

1) A – iv B – ii C – iii D – i
2) A – iii B – i C – ii D – iv
3) A – iii B – ii C – i D – iv
4) A – ii B – i C – iv D – iii

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Question no. 9 : The Raghuram Rajan Committee was appointed to study .........

1) the dispersal of industries and generation of employment.
2) the agrarian indebtedness and improvement in rural backwardness.
3) the problems confronting inclusive growth.
4) the regional backwardness and improvement in Development Index of the states.

Question no. 10 : Read the following statements.

a) Quick Response code (QR code) is a 3–D code.
b) It was first developed in 1994 in Japan by an automobile company Denso Wave.
c) Scanning of QR can be done by special devices only.

Which of the above sentences regarding QR code are incorrect?

1) a and c
2) a and b
3) b and c
4) a, b and c

Question no. 11 : Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu recently announced that Tunnel Technology Institute will be established. In this context consider the following statements. Which of these statements are true?

A) The institute will be established by the Konkan Railways.
B) The institute will be established in Goa.
C) It will be named after former Railway Minister George Fernandes.

1) A and B
2) B and C
3) All A, B and C
4) None of the above

Question no. 12 :The product life cycle from inception to demise is shown in the graph. Match List I and with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below.

1) A – I B – IV C – II D – III
2) A – I B – IV C – III D – II
3) A – IV B – I C – II D – III
4) A – IV B – I C – III D – II

Question no. 13 : Upanishads are books on ........

1) Religion
2) Yoga
3) Philosophy
4) Law

Question no. 14 : The ministry of Information and Broadcasting reconstituted the Central Press Accreditation Committee (CPAC) recently. In this context consider the following statements. Which of these is /are correct?

A) The CPAC issues Press Information Bureau (PIB) cards to journalist.
B) PIB Director General Vijay Malhotra is the ex-officio chairman of the committee.

1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Both A and B
4) Neither A nor B

Question no. 15 : Which of the following states are demanding special status?

1) Odisha, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam.
2) Bihar, Chhattisgad, Zarkhand, Goa, Odisha, Rajasthan
3) Bihar, Rajasthan, Goa, Madhy Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh
4) Meghalaya, Haryana, Zarkhand, Karnatak, Goa

Question no. 16 : Identify the correct pair of genetic diseases from the following.

1) Diabetes – Gangrene
2) Heart disease – Malaria
3) Haemophilia – Colourblindness
4) Blood cancer – Neural disease

Question no. 17 : Identify the rivers A, B, C, D, E and F in the map given below.

1) A – Kosi B – Ghagra C – Gandak D – Yamuna E – Ganga F – Son
2) A – Ghagra B – Gandak C – Kosi D – Yamuna E – Ganga F – Son
3) A – Kosi B – Gandak C – Son D – Ganga E – Yamuna F – Ghagra
4) A – Ghagra B – Son C – Gandak D – Ganga E – Yamuna F – Kosi

Question no. 18 : Which among the following is an indicator of the Human Development Index?

1) Education
2) Average Life expectancy
3) GDP
4) All of the above

Question no. 19 : Match the following.

1) i – b, ii – e, iii – c, iv – d
2) i – c, ii – b, iii – d, iv – a
3) i – d, ii – c, iii – a, iv – b
4) i – e, ii – a, iii – a, iv – c

Question no. 20 : Which of the following winds are cold winds?

A) Sirocco
B) Bora
C) Khamsin
D) Mistral
E) Salano

1) B and D
2) A and E
3) C and D
4) B and E

Question no. 21 : What is the ultimate gain from affirmative actions in India?

a) They promote social justice and equality.
b) They influence policy making
c) They bring in more accountability in society.
d) They create a more homogenous society.

1) a and b
2) b and c
3) only d
4) only a

Question no. 22 : Which of the following statements are true?

A) The tilt of earth’s axis of rotation as earth revolves around the sun is the cause of seasons on earth.
B) Emission of carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuel is most likely a cause of rise in average temperature of earth’s atmosphere in future.
C) The accumulation of stress along the boundaries of lithospheric plates results in hurricanes.

1) A and B are correct
2) B and C are correct
3) A and C are correct
4) All are correct.

Question no. 23 : Who amongst the following was appointed by Union Government as first President of newly established All India Council of Sports (AICS) which was given an equivalent rank of a Minister of State (MoS) in the Union Council of Ministers?

1) Sachin Teudulkar
2) Vijay Kumar Malhotra
3) Krishna Malhotra
4) P. T. Usha

Question no. 24 : In India, rural incomes are generally lower than the Urban incomes. Which of the following reasons account for this?

A) A large number of farmers are illiterate and know little about scientific agriculture.
B) Prices of primary products are lower than those of manufactured products.
C) Investment in agriculture has been low when compared to investment in industry.

1) A and C 2) A and B
3) A, B and C 4) B and C

Question no. 25 : The world’s first ever ant map, at (antmaps.org), showing the distribution of ants around the globe, was launched by which of the following Universities?

1) Yale
2) Peking
3) Sussex
4) Hongkong

Question no. 26 : Which of the following statements is not true?

A) Painganga is a tributary of Godavari.
B) Nizam Sagar dam is constructed on Shabari River.
C) River Narmada flows through rift valley.
D) In Maharashtra Godavari basin covers the largest area.

1) A and B 2) B and C
3) C and D 4) A and D

Question no. 27 : The existence of Rajya Sabha can be justified on certain grounds. Identify the correct ground/grounds for the same.

a) It is the custodian of state rights.
b) It institutionlises the opportunity for the second thoughts.
c) It brings competent people in governance.
d) It prevents healthy debates and discussions.

1) a is true, b is false
2) d is true c is false
3) a, b and c are true
4) only a is true

Question no. 28 : Match the following pairs properly.

1) A – K, B – N, C – L, D – M
2) A – M, B – L, C – N, D – K
3) A – K, B – L, C – N, D – M
4) A – M, B – N, C – L, D – K

Question no. 29 : In an open economy, the national income (Y) of the economy is ........; (C, I, G, X, M stand for Consumption, Investment, Government Expenditure, Total Exports, Total Imports respectively)

1) Y = C + I + G + X
2) Y = C + I + G – X + M
3) Y = C + I + G + (X – M)
4) Y = C + I – G + X – M

Question no. 30 : Which amongst the following statements are correct about cricket?

a) During the reign of Queen Victoria, the game was introduced as the standard summer sport in English public schools and universities.
b) The modern weight of the ball was laid down in 1774.
c) The cricket helmet became an essential part of a batsman’s attire in the 1970’s.
d) Trousers replaced half pants during the 1st half of the 19th century.

Question no. 31 : Which of the following is not a characteristic of tropical cyclone?

A) Pressure gradient is very steep.
B) They are large in size.
C) The direction of wind in Tanzania is anticlockwise.
D) The cyclone travels from east to west.

1) A and B
2) B and C
3) C and D
4) A and D

Question no. 32 : Which of the following is the latest contribution to India’s foreign policy?

1) Look East policy
2) Demand for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council
3) Act East Policy
4) International Yoga Day

Question no. 33 : Read the following statements.

a) ‘International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor’ (ITER) project is founded in collaboration by America, China, India only.
b) As a part of this project a reactor named tokamak is being built up in France.
c) It is proposed that it will consume 50 MW electricity and produce 500 MW electricity.
d) Isotope of oxygen on atomic fusion will produce such large energy.

Which of the above sentences are true regarding ITER project?

1) a and d
2) b and c
3) a and b
4) a, b and c

Question no. 34 : Agriculture income tax is assigned to the state government by .......

1) The Finance Commission
2) The National Development Council
3) The Inter – State Council
4) The Constitution of India

Question no. 35 : In the Gupta Age, the daily commodities were available in exchange of ........

1) Cowries
2) Copper currency
3) Silver coins
4) Gold currency

Question no. 36 : Match the following.

1) A – i B – iii C – ii D – iv
2) A – iii B – ii C – i D – iv
3) A – iii B – i C – iv D – ii
4) A – i B – iv C – ii D – iii

Question no. 37 : The role of BRICS bank is ........

a) to create a parallel financial system in the world.
b) to reduce the monopoly of IMF and world Bank.
c) to provide assistance for development to poor countries.
d) to create an economic power block.

1) only a and b
2) a, b, c, d
3) only d
4) only b and c

Question no. 38 : Virus having RNA as a genetic material is called as ........

1) Retrovirus
2) Rotavirus
3) Protovirus
4) Transposons

Question no. 39 : Which one of the following ‘Smriti’s is regarded as the official law book of the Guptas?

1) Manu Smriti 2) Yajnavalkya Smriti
3) Narada Smriti 4) Brihaspati Smriti

Question no. 40 : Which of the following are manganese ores?

A) Limonite
B) Pyrolusite
C) Siderite
E) Rhodochrosite

1) A and C 2) B and C
3) A and D 4) B and D

Question no. 41 : The Public Accounts Committee is expected to ........

a) provide a link between the parliament and executive.
b) assess the needs of the states.
c) act as a mediator between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
d) Prevent unlawful expenditure by the executive.

1) only a
2) only b
3) only d
4) a and d

Question no. 42 : Liver, muscle and adipose tissues are affected by ........

1) progesterone
2) Glucagon
3) Androgen
4) Insulin

Question no. 43 : Which Chalukyan town is known as the “Town of Temples”?

1) Aihole
2) Badami
3) Kanchi
4) Pattadakal

Question no. 44 : Which of the following combination of symbols represents the same sheets or charts?

Question no. 45 : In which of the following countries the Shanbag movement is active?

1) Bangla Desh
2) Pakistan
3) Afganistan
4) Syria

Question no. 46 : Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

1) Force
2) Velocity
3) Pressure
4) Acceleration

Question no. 47 : The Junagarh Rock Inscription of Skandagupta in Sanskrit is written in praise of ........

1) Vishnu
2) Indra
3) Shiva
4) Agni

Question no. 48 : The area of a tropical rain forest is largest in ........ river valley.

1) Nile
2) Mahaveli Ganga
3) Zaire
4) Nigro

Question no. 49 : Consider the following statements and choose the correct alternative.

A) One does not find double citizenship in the Indian Constitution.
B) Indians are culturally plural and diverse but politically they constitute one nation.

1) A is true, B is wrong
2) B is the correct explanation of A
3) Both the statements are wrong
4) A and B both are true

Question no. 50 : Which of the following are sensitive to sulphur dioxide pollution?

1) Algae
2) Mosses
3) Lichens
4) Ferns


Question nos. 51 to 53 : The supervisor would have to first change his attitude towards people. The staff under him must be perceived as human beings with feelings and needs. They are not autonomous within a complex work machinery. One of the greatest needs of a worker today is to have a feeling that he is in control of his workplace and not vice versa. The best way is to satisfy this need as far as possible. Firstly, he must feel that his work is meaningful. To do this, the supervisor must delegate responsibility and give limited authority to the worker to execute his job well. The worker must be properly trained to assume responsibility and authority. Once he is ready to assume these, he can be made accountable for his job. Very often supervisors assume all responsibility and accountability for the fear of losing control of the workplace. This reduces the workers under him to pawns on a chess-board. Delegating accountability gives the worker a purpose in life and creates in him the need to do the job well. The most important thing to do is to sit with each worker and chalk out common objectives and agreed norms to achieve them. This makes workers secure about what is expected of them. Thus, when he meets his objectives, he certainly has a feeling of achievement. This sense of achievement is the greatest motivator.

51 : Supervisors do not delegate responsibility and authority to their subordinates because ........

1) the final responsibility is theirs.
2) subordinates are not capable enough.
3) they can’t trust their subordinates.
4) they are apprehensive of losing their hold on the workplace.

52 : The greatest motivator is ........

1) the fulfillment of purpose.
2) a sense of security.
3) a good supervisor.
4) a good environment.

53 : A humane attitude on the part of the supervisor towards his staff is necessary to ........

1) keep them happy.
2) get them to work.
3) get the best out of them.
4) have a congenial atmosphere at the workplace.

Question nos. 54 to 56 : One of the greatest delusions of modern times is the prevailing belief that we are more civilized than our ancestors. At no other period in the history of mankind has the word ‘Civilization’ been so often misused and misunderstood. It is not in the abundance of material goods alone that civilization lies. Neither does it consist in the advance of scientific knowledge however amazing it may be. The inventions and discoveries of science have undoubtedly brought unheard blessings and comforts to us. But they are not civilization. What we have failed to see is that civilization is a special way of human behaviour, of thought and feeling. The essential quality of civilization lies in the spirit of man, in his attitude to himself, to his fellowmen and to life as a whole. Looking everywhere around us today, we will find that man has made no progress since the dawn of history, in his attitude towards his fellowmen. On all the highest pillars in the cities of the world, you will find the figure of a conqueror or a general soldier. We know more about our killers and destroyers than about our saviours and saints. The heroes of the world are the heroes of war.

54 : According to the passage what does civilization consist of?

1) Inventions and discoveries
2) Possession of goods
3) Advanced scientific knowledge
4) Man’s attitudes and behaviour

55 : What does the word ‘delusion’ mean?

1) Real truth
2) Wrong belief
3) Correct statement
4) Misplaced interests

56 : The main purpose of the passage is to convey the idea that ........

1) modern man is more advanced in scientific knowledge.
2) we are in a more comfortable position than our ancestors.
3) modern man does not possess any attitude different from that of his ancestors.
4) we respect our heros of war, our conquerors.

Question nos. 57 to 59 : Man enjoys the gift of speech and the ability to think. Yet by certain actions, man shows that he is thoughtless and lacks imagination. He causes much suffering to dumb creatures without meaning to be cruel.

Think of all the happy, wild birds flying freely, enjoying the open sky and living in the dense forest trees. Man catches a bird and imprisons it in a beautiful cage. He thinks that the bird will be happy if it gets a lot of food and fruits and a clean cage to live in. Man fails to understand the bird’s feelings. The little prisoner no longer feels like singing its songs of freedom and the joy of living. If it could speak, it would tell man how sad it is, cooped up in that small cage. To the bird, freedom is more valuable than food and comfort.

How can man be so thoughtless when he boasts of his superior intellect? He should understand the feelings of the dumb animals and birds and treat them with kindness and sympathy. Most children amuse themselves by teasing, troubling or torturing dumb creatures in captivity. It is the duty of parents and adults to teach children to have the right attitude towards all living creatures. Thus, we can hope to establish a friendly atmosphere between man and the other animals. Man then need no longer be known as the enemy of all creatures.

57 : Why is man said to be thoughtless?

1) because he imprisons the birds.
2) because he loves birds and their singing.
3) becouse he has ability to speak and think.
4) because he fails to understand the feelings of animals and birds.

58 : Where animals and birds are concerned which of the following is not true?

1) Man is superior inintellect.
2) Man inflicts suffering on them thoughtlessly.
3) Many children torture creatures in captivity.
4) Children are taught the right attitude towards all living creatures.

59 : The imprisoned bird ........

1) is happy to get a lot of food.
2) wishes to tell man how sad he is.
3) values freedom more than anything else.
4) all the above.

Question nos. 60 to 62 : Dr. Kiran Bedi is the first lady to qualify for the Indian Police Service (IPS). The qualities of honesty, courage, empathy for fellow humans, hard work, determination and patriotism are the ones that personify this unique woman.

Bedi had a hard time getting her way through the male dominated profession. She saw in her role as a police officer an opportunity to help the people, to show them the way to a better life. She applied this philosophy at every stage of her career as a traffic cop, an anti-narcotics cell officer, an anti-terrorist specialist, and an administrator.

Bedi did not fear anybody. To her the law was the same for all, be it the President of India or a commoner. It is said that she once towed Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s car for parking violation while she was on the way to the United Sates.

The greatest challenge to her philosophy came in 1994 when she was promoted to the rank of Inspector General of Prisons and given the responsibility of managing the largest and most notorious prison in the Asia Pacific region – Tihar Jail in Delhi where the inmates numbered about 8,500. She would shock prisoners by personally visiting them, talking and listening to them.

Bedi can be rightly acclaimed as the woman who scrubbled the dirt off the khaki of the police force by establishing herself and her life as an example worthy of emulation.

60 : Which of the following is an example of Dr. Bedi’s quality of empathy?

1) Visiting and talking to prisoners
2) Not fearing anybody
3) Managing the Tihar prison
4) Being successful in a male dominated profession

61 : Which of the following was Dr. Bedi’s greatest challenge?

1) Being the in-charge of anti-narcotics cell
2) Being a traffic cop
3) Talking to the prisoners
4) Managing the Tihar Jail

62 : Which of the following statements is correct?

1) Kiran Bedi had no sympathy for the common man.
2) She got through the male dominated profession very easily.
3) She could manage about 8,500 prisoners.
4) She had different laws for different strata of society.

Question no. 63 to 66 : Find the odd man out

63 :

64 : 1) 400
2) 4
3) 4000
4) 40000

65 : 1) NECK

66 : 1) NOL
2) TUF
3) XYB
4) STH

Question nos. 67 to 69 : Which number / group of alphabets / figures amongst the alternatives will replace the question mark in a sequence?

67 : 21, 23, 29, 47, 75, ?

1) 110
2) 103
3) 99
4) 115

68 : XWVU, SRQP, ?, IHGF


69 :

Question no. 70 : Asmita, Babalu, Chetan, Daya, Ekata and Farukh are staying in different houses in a row. Farukh and Daya are neighbours of Bablu. Ekata is a neighbour of Chetan and Asmita, who is not a neighbour of either Farukh or Daya. If Chetan is also not a neighbour of Daya, then who are neighbours of Farukh?

1) Babalu and Daya
2) Daya and Chetan
3) Babalu and Chetan
4) Babalu and Ekata

Question nos. 71 and 72 : K, L and M are the three persons who have worn shirts and trausers of different colours. Trousers are having colours Pink, Blue, and White where as shirts are Red, White and Buff coloured. No one has worn the pants and shirt of the same colour. K has not worn Pink pants while L has not worn Blue pants. M has not worn White pants while L has not worn Buff shirt K has worn White shirt then,

71 : What is the colour of the pants which M has worn?

1) Red
2) Blue
3) White
4) Pink

72 : Which of the following triad is correct?

1)K – Pink pants – White Shirt
2) L – White pants – Red Shirt
3) L – Blue pants – Red Shirt
4) M – Pink pants – White Shirt

Question no. 73 : If in a certain code language ART is written as 22203, then how will the word JAM be coded in the same code language?

1) 15312
2) 12315
3) 21351
4) 10112 ?

Question no. 74 and 75 : In a certain code language, the word STAKE is written as 72415 and the word STEAL is written as 17495. Then –

74. In the same code language how will the word LAKE be written?

1) 9249
2) 9417
3) 2417
4) 2419

75. How could be the word LOST be coded ?

(A) 2375
(B) 3597
(C) 5967
(D) 4657

Question nos. 76 and 77 : Suresh is facing east. After turning 90 in anticlockwise direction, he travels for 8 km. Turning to his right he travels 2 km. Then again turns right and travels 11 km. Finally turning to his right he travels 6 km.

76 : How far in km is Suresh from his starting point?

1) 27
2) 13
3) 5
4) 10

77 : If Suresh wants to travel to the starting point in which direction he should travel?

1) North east
2) South east
3) North west
4) South west

Question no. 78 : What is the type of a quadrangle whose four angles are x + 47, 2x – 17, 2x – 3 and x + 33 respectively?

1) Rectangle
2) Square
3) Parallelogram
4) Trapezium

Question no. 79 : Kalu does some work in 24 days whereas Balu does the same work in 48 days. How many days will be required if both Kalu – Balu do the work simultaneously?

1) 12
2) 22
3) 20
4) 16

Question no. 80 : How much will be the difference in the interest if ` 25000/– is invested for two years at 8% per year with simple interest and compound interest?

1) ` 150/– 2) ` 160/– 3) ` 260/– 4) ` 180/–

1) 55o
2) 65o
3) 45o
4) 75o

Question no. 82 : What is the sum of the angles at the point A, B, C, D, E in the following figure?

1) 360o
2) 180o
3) 90o
4) 27o

Question no. 83 : The ratio of today’s age of Ram and Rahim is 3 : 2. The ratio of their ages four years ago was 5 : 3. Then how much will be the difference in their ages 4 years hence?

1) 8
2) 6
3) 9
4) 4

Question no. 84 : When a sari is sold at ` 2400/– 20% profit is gained. For how much it should be sold to get a profit of 30%?

1) 3600/–
2) 2300/–
3) 3000/–
4) 2600/–

Directions for following 6 questions : Given below are six questions describing a situation and is followed by four possible responses. Indicate the response you find the most appropriate. Choose only one response for each question. The responses will be evaluated based on the level of appropriateness for the given situation. Please attempt all the questions. There is no penalty for wrong answers for these six quetions.

Question no. 85 : You are a supervisor of a construction company. While doing your work, you came to know that the quality of material used in a building by the builder was not up to the mark. When you informed about it to the project manager, he tried to bribe and threaten you. What will you do?

1) Report about it to any senior official.
2) Complain about the matter to the police.
3) Accept the bribe due to threatening.
4) Go on strike with all workers.

Question no. 86 : You are the head of the department of a Government organization. One question is asked in the legislative assembly in zero hour session regarding your department. So you have to sent an urgent report to the higher authority. What would you do?

1) Place a written order to your subordinate for sending the report immediately.
2) Give an order to your subordinate to send it by speed post or fax.
3) Give an order to your subordinate through a departmental letter.
4) None of the above

Question no. 87 : You are working as an executive engineer and one of the Jr. engineer in your department is not co-operating with you in a new project of government. You will ........

1) take away the matter from him after scolding.
2) raise the matter in a meeting.
3) complain about him to a senior official.
4) ask a written reply from him for not doing work.

Question no. 88 : You are a police officer. One night during patrolling duty, you find a suspicious bag lying on the road. What would you do?

1) Go near to the bag and open it.
2) Inform the nearby police station and ask for immediate assistance as the bag could be a bomb.
3) Leave the bag as it is and go on your duty.
4) Keep the bag with you.

Question no. 89 : You are attending a formal meeting of launching a new policy for rural development. The meeting is very boring and unproductive as the members are not reaching to a particular course of action. Meeting is going on in your office. How would you react?

1) Pretend to have received an urgent call and go to the back of your chamber.
2) Try to involve yourself and make the meeting more productive and help the team in reaching a conclusion.
3) Bear the delay as it would be rude to leave.
4) Try to postpone the meeting.

Question no. 90 : One social organization which is supported by political party gets violent and starts breaking laws in an area. You are the district magistrate of that area. How will you tackle law and order situation in the area?

1) You will reach at the incidence with police force and keeping at a distance from the crowd try to pacify them keeping the police force behind and if the situation does not get under control, then minimal action will be suggested.
2) Direct the police force to take punitive action.
3) Leave the place to save your own life.
4) Direct the police force to use tear gas and lathi charge

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