Weekly Mains Exam 2016 Answer Writing Challenge - Public Administration "MODULE- 47"

Weekly Mains Exam 2016 Answer Writing Challenge- Public Administration

The main idea behind Weekly Answer Writing Challenges is to make your exam preparation more result oriented. For this exam (UPSC Civil Services), just ‘reading’ is not enough. The most advantageous part of this writing exercise is to make your answer visible to everyone, someone may correct you if they find a mistake in your answer plus it must be also supported by our experts , you may see others answers also. It is free and definitely will improve your writing ability and marks in your final examination. Here all topics from syllabus will be covered.

Public Administration- Paper I "Syllabus Topic – Personnel Administration: pay and service conditions"

  • Q1. "What are the principal considerations in developing a sound remuneration for civil servants ?"

The remuneration or the pay constitutes the most important single factor among the attractions of public service as it is not only a source to support the personal responsibilities of a personnel but also it is significant with the respect to the prestige that it commands in the estimation of the publicThere are several considerations while developing the remuneration for civil servants.

1) The emolument must be comparable with the Private Sector so that it does not offer competition to the Government Service
2) Anderson Commission on Pay suggested to pay what is necessary to recruit and retain efficient staff. This could include factors such as cost of living, marriage, children, social position etc
3) The cost of living in the area of service must be incorporated in arriving at the emolument. However, with fluctuations in the economy there must not be fluctuations in the pay. Therefore a minimum subsistence level must be fixed
4) The pay must be commensurate with the mean of the per capita income of the country
5) A principle of equal pay for equal work must be adopted to reward effort with incentives
6) Regional Considerations in Remuneration: In India local or regional allowances are given to public servants in five kinds of circumstances, namely,

(a) to meet the high cost of living in certain cities or areas,
(b) to compensate for the hardships of service in areas whose climate is notoriously bad,
(c) to compensate for the hardship of service in remote or difficult areas, (e.g., frontier tracts),
(d) to meet the higher cost of living and special requirements in hill stations like warm clothing, quilt, etc., and
(e) to compensate for the rigours of the field service.

In short , it can be observed that remuneration of civil servants are decided by taking into consideration their economic , social and health well being. A comprehensive remuneration plays an important role retaining the employee and keeping him motivated to fulfill the requirements of job in an efficient way

Indian Administration- Paper II "Syllabus Topic –Financial Management: Parliamentary control of public expenditure"

  • Q2. Discuss the major approaches/theories to understand the growth of public expenditure.

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