Weekly Mains Exam 2014 Answer Writing Challenge - Public Administration (Paper - 1) "MODULE- II"

Weekly Mains Exam 2014 Answer Writing Challenge- Public Administration (Paper - 1)

The main idea behind Weekly Answer Writing Challenges is to make your exam preparation more result oriented. For this exam (UPSC Civil Services), just ‘reading’ is not enough. The most advantageous part of this writing exercise is to make your answer visible to everyone, someone may correct you if they find a mistake in your answer plus it must be also supported by our experts , you may see others answers also. It is free and definitely will improve your writing ability and marks in your final examination. Here all topics from syllabus will be covered.

Here the vital thing is give and take principle- If you want feedback, you must give feedback .

Module - II

  • Organisations: Theories – systems, contingency; Structure and forms: Ministries and Departments, Corporations, Companies, Boards and Commissions; Ad hoc and advisory bodies; Headquarters and Field relationships; Regulatory Authorities; Public - Private Partnerships.

  • Accountability and control: Concepts of accountability and control;Legislative, Executive and Judicial control over administration; Citizen and Administration; Role of media, interest groups, voluntary organizations ; Civil society; Citizen’s Charters; Right to Information; Social audit.

  • Techniques of Administrative Improvement: Organisation and methods, Work study and work management; e-governance and information technology; Management aid tools like network analysis, MIS, PERT, CPM.

Challenge Questions for Paper - 1:


1Q. Systems theory is used to refer specifically to self-regulating systems, i.e. systems self-correcting through feedback. Comment (200 words) 20 Marks "Write Your Answer in below form"

2Q. Weber's bureaucracy and Taylor's scientific management failed because of neglecting the contingency factors. Comment (200 words) 20 Marks "Write Your Answer in below form"

3Q. An application under the RTI to access relevant official documents is the initial step of the social audit. Discuss (250 words) 25 Marks "Write Your Answer in below form"

4Q. Voluntarism means action based on free will, free from certain constraints, the constraint of (government) coercion is often considered in this context. Describe (350 words) 30 Marks "Write Your Answer in below form"

5Q. Describe ONE Central Mission Mode Project and ONE State MMP, and explain the benefits of each of these to the citizens. (250 words) 25 Marks "Write Your Answer in below form"

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