(Syllabus) Mains Examination - Syllabus (English)

Mains Examination Syllabus  - English


1. History of English Literature from the ANGLO-SAXON period to the modern period Essay Type Quations various AGES & MOVEMENTS OF LITERATURE


2. Poetry :

(i) Shakespeare : Sonnets 30,60,65

(ii) John Donne : The Sun-Rising, Death be not Proud

(iii) Milton : Paradise Lost Book I

(iv) Pope : Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot

(v) Dryden : Macflecknoe.

(vi) Gray : Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.

(vii) Wordsworth : Tintern Abbey

(viii) Coleridge : Ancient Mariner

(ix) Shelley : To a Skylark or Ode to the West Wind

(x) Keats : Ode to a Nighingale or Ode to Autumn.

(xi) Tennyson : Tears idle Tears

(xii) Arnold : Dover Beach

(xiii) W.B. Yeats : The Second Coming

(xiv) T.S. Eliot : Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

(xv) W.H. Auden : Look Stranger.

(The poems are available in English Poetry Selections for English Major Courses published by the Guwahati University)


3. Non-Fictional Prose :

1. Bacon : Of Revenge or Of Studies

2. Lamb : New Year’s Eve.

3. Hazlitt : The Indian Juggler.

4. Arnold : Literature & Science

5. Bertrand Russell : Road to Happiness or Science and War

6. George Orweil : Reflections of Gandhi

7. Jawaharlal Nehru : Homage to Gandhi


4. Explanation one each from SECTION - II & III


1. Drama :

(i) Christopher Marlowe : Dr. Faustus

(ii) Shaksespeare : The Merchant of Venice or Hamlet

(iii)Bernard Shaw : Candida.

(iv) Harold Pinter : The Birth Day Party


Samuel Beckett : Waiting for Godot.

2. Prose Fiction :

(a) Novels :

(i) Daniel Defoe : Robinson Crusoe.

(ii) Dickens : Great Expectations.

(iii) Hardy : The Return of the Native orFar From The Maddiing Crowd.

(iv) James Joyce : A Portrait of The Artist As a Young Man

(b) Short Stories :

(i) Katherine Mansfield : A Cup of Tea

(ii) D. H. Lawrence : The Rocking Horse Winner

(iii)Emest Hemingway : A Canary For One.

The stories are from ‘Ten Short Stories’ edited by Jatin Muhanti, University Press Hyderabad.

3. An Essay on A Literary Topic

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