(Syllabus) Mains Examination - Syllabus (Sociology)

Mains Examination Syllabus  - Sociology


Introduction to types of Society in India : Tribal, Agrarian and Industrial.

Village Communities : Characteristics, Types, Tribal and Agrarian.

Caste : Meaning of Caste, Traditional features of caste. Theories of the origin of caste, changes in caste, caste and class castism.

Major Religions in India : Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism Christianity, Neo - Vaishnavism in Assam.

Rural Power Structure : Traditional and present Panchayat system, Tribal Village Council, Democratic Political system and changing power structure.

Urbanisation in India : Features, Urbanism, a way of life Rural Development and reconstruction programmes.

Tribes of India : General ethnic and population survey -- Tribal communities in Assam and their Socio - Cultural life problems of tribal development, development schemes, Constitutional provisions, Tribal identity and movement.


Background of the Development of Sociological thought. A brief outline.

Comte : Law of three stages positive and hirarchy of Science.

Herbert Spencer : Concept of Social Evolution and Organisism.

Emila Durkheim : Social Facts, Social Solidarity Mechanical and Organic, Theory of Religion.

Karl Marx : Materialistic Interpretation of History, Class and Class Conflicts, Alienation.

Max Weber : Social Action and Ideal Type, Types of Authority, Religion and Economy.

Merten : Functionalism, Manifest and latest function.

Persons : Theory of action, Social system and pattern variable.

Sociology (Optional) Study Materials for UPSC Mains

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