(Syllabus) Prelim Examination - Syllabus (Political Science)

Preliminary Examination Syllabus  - Political Science

Unit - I

(a) Nature and scope of political science, Its relationship with other social sciences.

(b) Origin of the State - Social Contract Theory and Evolutionary Theory.

(c) Functions of the State - Leissex Faire and Socialistic. Theories - Welfare State.

(d) Democracy and Dictatorship.

(e) Sovereignty - Characteristics and kinds.

(f) Law - Liberty and Equality.

Unit - II

(a) Basic features of the Indian Constitution.

(b) Indian Parliament - Executive and Judiciary.

(c) Governor and Chief Minister of an Indian State.

(d) Present Local Self Government in Assam.

(e) Union Public Service Commission and State Public Service Commission.

Unit - III

Constitutions of U.K. and U.S.A.

Unit - IV

The Organs of the U.N.

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