(Syllabus) Prelim Examination - Syllabus (Psychology)

Preliminary Examination Syllabus  - Psychology

1. Nature and Scope of Psychology, Applied fields of Psychology, Methods of Psychology.

2. Nervous System - Central and autonomic nervous system, Localisation of functions in the brain.

3. Genetic and environmental factors in human development, Nature and nature.

4. Sensory processes - Structure and functions of human eye. Structure and functions of human ear.

5. Perceptual processes - Selectivity of perception, Perceptual constancies, Organization and perception, Depth perception, Movement perception, Role of experience in perception.

6. Principles of learning, Classical and operant conditioning, Cognitive learning, learning by modelling.

7. Verbal learning and memory, Input, Storage and retrieval of information, Forgetting.

8. Nature of motivation. Concepts of needs drives, indentives and arousal, Biological and other factor of motivation.

9. Nature of frustration, Reactions to frustration, Defence mechanisms and adjustment.

10. Group behaviours, Group dynamics, Leadership, Roles and expectation.

11. Behaviour disorders, Psychoneuroses, Psychosomatic disorders, Personality disorders.

12. Tests for measuring individual differences - Stanford Binest test, Differential aptitude test, Minnesota Multiphasic inventory.

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