Sociology will be an easy key to success

Sociology will be an easy key to success

Learning the alphabets of society is a must for anyone who opts for civil service as a career. Mastering sociology will thus be an easy key to success for an IAS/IPS officer.

But, that doesn’t seem to be the only reason for the sudden increase in the number of sociology students among the Civil Service Preliminary winners. When the Prelims result of 2010 was declared last week, those in the city who opted for sociology as the first main had a brutal majority in the winners’ list. According to available statistics, more than 70 students who were trained in various institutes in the city could clear the Prelims.

The State Civil Service Academy tops the list by creating 58 winners. A rough estimate will put the number of winners in the city who opted for sociology as first main at around 45, ie, 65 percent of the winners from the city opted for sociology as main. ‘’This is in tune with the national trend. In every part of India, sociology seems to be a hot favourite among Civil Service aspirants,’’ observes Jacob John Kattakkayam, president of the Indian Sociology Association and the principal of the Kerala University Academic Staff College.

According to John, learning sociology will help aspiring civil servants in many ways. ‘’First of all, the subject is very relevant and will be extremely useful once the candidate enters the service. Secondly, it is easy to grasp and there is no need to memorise dates and names like in History,’’ he says.

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it is easy to grapse the subject due to related with the helps to know about the surrounding of the human society.