(Info) What is Aptitude Test

What is Aptitude

The pattern of IAS Prelims examination has been restructured to test the aptitude of the aspirants so that problems related to mismatch in administrative mechanism can be avoided. What comes as a surprise is that most of the aspirants are not even aware of the meaning of the aptitude. The word aptitude is derived from the word Aptos which means “fit for”. Aptitude is the sum of capacity and interest of an individual. Aptitude is also the aptness or quickness to succeed in a specific field of activity. It is a present condition that is indicative of individual's potentialities for future.

Your aptitude is your inherent capacity, talent or ability to do something. Aptitudes a set of characteristics symptomatic of an individual's ability to acquire with training, some specific field of knowledge, skill or set of responses. In short aptitude is latent potentialities or undeveloped capacities to acquire abilities and skills and to demonstrate achievements.

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