(Download) Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC): Assistant Section Officer 2019

Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC): Assistant Section Officer 2019 General Awareness, English

1.Which one of the following cultures is influenced by Harappan Culture?

(A) Malwa Culture

(B) Jorwe Culture

(C) Kayatha Culture

(D) Megalithic Culture

2. From which one of the following regions, the earliest evidence of the rice cultivation has come?

(A) Belan Valley

(B) Centrai Ganga Valley

(C) Gomal Valley

(D) Bolan Valley

3. The Nawab of Bengal who shifted the capital from Dacca to Murshidabad was

(A) Murshid Quli Khan

(B) Shujauddin

(C) Alivardi Khan

(D) Sifd ud Dauiah

4. The growth of modern industries in india was greatlY hampered on account by the lack of

(A) Indian capital

(B) technical education

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) spirit of enterPrise

5. Which one of the following is the first company managed major Port in India?

(A) Cochin

(B) Ennore

(C) Tuticorin

(D) VisakhaPatrram

6. Which one of the following Iron and Steel Plants was established with the British collaboration?

(A) Bhilai

(B) Rourkela

(C) Bokaro

(D) DurgaPur

7. Which of the following divides India into northern and southern parts?

(A) Equator

(B) Tropic of Cancer

(C) Tropic of Capricorn

(D) Arctic Circie

8. Where is the Central Water and Power Research Station located?

(A) Khadakwasla

(B) Sileru

(C) Jamnagar

(D) Srisailam

Q.9 Where is the Jelep La Pass Located?

(A) Punjab Himalaya

(B) Sikkim Himalaya

(C) Kumaun Himalaya

(D) Kashmir Himalaya

10. Which city is more eastern?

(A) Bhopal

(B) Pune

(C) Nagpur

(D) Ranchi

11. Which one of the foliowing lakes in India has the highest water satinity?

(A) Dal

(B) Chilika

(C) Wular

(D) Sambhar

12. Structurally the Meghalaya region is a part of

(A) Shiwalik Range

(B) Deccan Range

(c) Greater Himalaya

(D) Aravalli Range

13. The reservoir Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar is located on which river?

(A) Betwa

(B) Ghaghara

(C) Kosi

(D) Rihand

14. Which one of the following rivers flows into the Arabian Sea?

(A) Indravati

(B) Godavari

(C) Kaveri

(D) Narmada

15. Where is the Asiatic Wild Ass found?

(A) Rann of Kutch

(B) Kaziranga

(C) Ranthambore

(D) Periyar

16. Which system of rocks in India produces manganese?

(A) Gondwana

(B) Dharwar

(C) Vindhya

(D) Tertiary

17. Which of the following is the most abundant in Kerala?

(A) Thorium

(B) Uranium

(C) Mica

(D) Monazite

18. Chapehar Kut festival is celebrated in the State of

(A) Arunachal Pradesh

(B) Assam

(C) Mizoram

(D) Sikkim

19. "Desert" can be converted into green land by

(A) Tropical trees

(B) Psammophytes

(C) Oxylophytes

(D) Halophytes

20. The major cause of extinction of species today is

(A) habitat destruction

(B) global warming

(C) predation

(D) the greenhouse effect

21. All revenues received by the Union Government by way to taxes and other receipts for the conduct of Governrnent business are credited to the

(A) Contingency Fund of India

{B) Public Account

(C) Consolidation Fund of India

(D) Deposit and Advance Fund

22. Which one of the following Bills must be passed by each House of the Indian Parliament separately by special majority?

{A) Ordinary Biil

(B) Money Bill

(C) Finance Bill

(D) Constitution Amendment Bill

23. The salaries and allowances of the Judges of the High Court are charged to the

(A) Consolidated Fund of India

(B) Consolidated Fund of the State

(C) Contingency Fund of India

(D) Contingency Fund of the State

24. A special category State invariably

(A) is a border State

(B) has harsh terrain

(C) has low literacy rate

(D) has poor infrastructure

25. The Constitution has vested the residuary powers with the centre. But the final authority to decide whether a matter falls under residuary power or not rests with

(A) the Parliament

(B) the President

(C) the Rajya Sabha

(D) the Supreme Court

26. The North Eastern Council, established in 1972 includes

(A) Assam

(B) Mizoram

(C) Nagaland

(D) A11 of the above

27. The executive power relating to concurrent subject remains with

(A) the Centre

(B) the State

(C) the President

(D) the Constitution

28. Which one of the following has the authority to constitute an area into a Municipality or a Municipal Corporation or a Panchayat?

(A) Central Government

(B) Divisional Commissioner

(C) District Collector

(D) State Government

29. The election of Panchayats is to be held

(A) every year

(B) every four'-year

(C) every five-year

(D) when the State Governrnent decides to do so

30. The Constitution of India does not mention the post of

(A) the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

(B) the Deputy Prime Minister

(C) the Deput5r Speaker of the Lok Sabha

(D) the Deputy Speaker of the State Assembly

31. As per the Anti-Defection Law the final authority to decide on a member's disqualification from the house is the

(A) President

(B) Governor

(C) Speaker of the House

(D) Councii of Ministers

32. Holding a 'Bandh'was declared illegal for the first time in India by which one of the following High Courts?

(A) Rajasthan High Court

(B) Gujarat High Court

(C) Kerala High Court

(D) Maharashtra High Court

33. Which of the foliowing is called Banker's Cheque?

(A) Demand Draft

{B) Debit Card

(C) Pay Order

(D) Fixed Deposit

34. Nationalization of banks was done with the purpose of

(A) financing the industries

(B) improving credit facilities

(C) consolidating the economy

(D) improving security of deposit

35. The basic regulatory authority for mutua-l funds arrd stock markets lies with the

(A) Government of India

(B) Reserve Bank of India

(c) SEBi

(D) Stock Exchange

36. Rise in the price of a comrnodity means

(A) rise in the va-lue of currency only

(B) fall in the value of currenry only

(C) rise in the value of commodity only

(D) fall in the value of currency and rise in the value of commodity

37. Which is the most industrially advanced State in India?

(A) Maharshtra

(B) Punjab

(C) Gujarat

(D) Tamil Nadu

38. Finance Commission of India is appointed by the President under Article

(A) 280

(B) 224

(c) 27O

(D) 200

39. Union Government announced Krishi Kalyan Cess of                 on all taxable services to fund farm initiatives in 201.6.

(A) 0.5%

(B) 1%

(c) 1.5%

(D) 2%

40. World Investment Report' is published by which of the following?



(c) GATT


41. Indian Green Revolution is the most successful in which of the foliowing?

(A) Wheat and Potato

(B) Jowar and Oil seeds

(C) Wheat and Rice

(D) Tea and Coffee

42. The difference between the GNP and NNP is equal to

(A) direct tax revenue

(B) indirect tax revenue

(C) capital depreciation

(D) None of the above

43. The sum total of income received for the service of labour, land or capital in a country is called

(A) gross domestic product

(B) national income

(C) gross domestic income

(D) gross national income

44. The Headquarters of OPEC (Organtzatton of the petroleum Exporting Countries) is at

(A) Vienna

(B) Kuwait cily

(C) Algeria

(D) Tehran

45. The biue colour of slqy is due to the phenomenon of

(A) reflection

(B) refraction

(C) dispersion

(D) Scattering

46. SONAR is mostly used by

(A) doctors

(B) engineers

(C) astronauts

(D) navigators

47. Which of the following devices is fully duplex?

(A) Mobile phone

(B) Walky-talky

(C) loudspeaker

(D) Radio

48. Which of the following is the oldest Trade Union Organization in India?





49. Who is the President of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)?

(A) the President of India

(B) the Vice President of India

(C) the Prime Minister of india

{D) the Union Minister of Science and Technology

50. The Headquarters of Development Bank is at

(A) Bangkok

(B) Manila

(C) Singapore

(D) Tokyo


(General English and Letter Writing)

Notes: (i) Read the instructions carefully and follow them.

(ii) Attempt al1the questions.

(iii) The The figures in the right-hand margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Write a pr6cis of the following in about one-third of its length. Give a suitable title to it. Use your own language to write the precis :

If the rule of reason in the region of thought is the aim of Science, the rule of equality in the region of behavior is the aim of democracy. Democracy is not a political arrangement or a form of government. It is a pattern of life, an active conviction which informs and inspires every thought, word and deed. Our present constitution of society induces in its more fortunate members for too great readiness to accept privilege as thought it were normal and even proper and just.

If we are sincere in our professing of democracy, we should not shut our eyes to the most obvious defeats of the present social order. A system which does not offer security and decent employment to multitudes of trained young men suffers from fundamental vice. Society is in danger of splitting to pieces if the few who have the benefits of civilization are not willing to share them with the rest. No state is stable unless it procures for all its members the essentials of a good life. We acknowledge that health is better than diseases, sufficiency better than poverty, shelter better than cold and exposure, ease of mind better than racking anxiety. It is our duty to obtain these essentials of civilized life or the mass of the population to work basic economic justice for all, if necessar5r; by the imposition of higher taxes on incomes,land, property and inheritance. Riches were created by the maker for being spent on social purposes. It was Black Stone, not Lenin, who wrote, "The law not only regards life and protects ever1rnan in enjoyment of it, but also furnishes him with everything necessary'for its support. For there is no man so indecent or wretched but that he may demand a supply sufficient for all the necessities of life from the more opulent part of the community."

2. There are no street lights on the main road leading to 5rour colony. The road gets so dark in the evening that the possibility of some m4jor accident cannot be ruled out. Write a letter to the Editor of a Daily drawing attention of the authorities to this serious problem.


Draft a circular from the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Department of Civil Supplies, addressed to all District Supply Officers, advising tlle steps to be taken for proper distribution of essential commodities from the fair price shops.

3. write a paragraph on ang one of the following in about 1s0 word,s :

(a) Failures are the pillars of success

(b) Man is ruled by Nature

(c) Charity begins at home

(d) Politeness costs nothing gains everything

4. Correct the following sentences :

(a) No sooner had he reached the stations when the train arrived.

(b) Though he is poor but he is trust worthy.

(c) He had neither a car or scooter.

(d) I could neither contact Lila or Sarla.

(e) Neither he plays nor reads.

(f) She cannot run nor walk.

(g) | do not know that when she will go,

(h) I hope that you are well now.

(i) As she started late, she wiil miss the train.

(j) Since, Ram is a poor fellow, he could not buy a new dress.

5. Fill in the blalks by choosing the correct connector given in the brackets :

(a) A student will fail            does not work hard. (unress, if, until)

(b) She is more intelligent           her sister. (as, that, than)

(c) I was taking a bath       somebody rang the belr. (as, while, when)

(d) She has changed a lot         I saw her last. (when, as, since)

(e) He was late _         it was raining heavily. (while, so, because)

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