(Exam Paper) Arunachal Pradesh PSC : JE (Civil) Exam Paper 2021 (Civil Engineering)

(Exam Paper) Arunachal Pradesh PSC : JE (Civil) Exam Paper 2021

Civil Engineering

  • Exam: JE (Civil)
  • Time: 3 Hour
  • Marks: 100 Marks
  • Subject: Civil Engineering

1. Answer any ten questions: 2x10=20

(a) The bearing of a survey Line is S 40o E and the declination is 2o E. What will be the bearing of the sarne survey line if the declination becomes 3o W?

(b) State the requirements of a good foundation

(c) What is meant by anchorage length?

(d) State Bernoulli's theorem.

(e) Write down the methods of distribution of water in water supply system.

(f) How do you quantify storm water runoff?

(g) What is the necessity of hairpin bends in hill roads? Specify any two of their geometric design standards.

(h) What is the purpose of providing trap in sanitarJr plumbing?

(i) Deiine workability. What are the factors that affect the workability of conclete?

(j) Enumerate the purpose of estimation in projects.

(k) Differentiate between the intensity and the magnitude of an earthquake.

(l) How is flood frequency analysis useful in flood protection?


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