(Exam Paper) Arunachal Pradesh PSC : Section Officer (LDCE) Exam Paper 2021-22 (General English)

(Exam Paper) Arunachal Pradesh PSC : Section Officer (LDCE) Exam Paper 2021-22

  • Exam: Section Officier (LDCE)
  • Time: 3 Hour
  • Marks: 100 Marks
  • Subject: General English

1. Write an essay in around 4OO words on ang one of the following topics : 20

(a) The Rich Cultural Heritage of Arunachal Pradesh
(b) Youth and National Development
(c) Duties of a Good Citizen

2. In your capacity as the Section Officer of your branch, you have noticed that some of the employees frequently remain absent without proper and prior inLimation to the office. DraJt a letter seeking explanaLion from such employees as to why disciplinary action should not be initiated against them for their unauthorized absence. 15

3. Suppose you are in charge of scrutinizing the applications of candidates for the post of Assistants in the office and you have found that some of the applicants have not submitted the documentar5z evidence of their experience. Compile a report on the basis of your observation for submission to the appropriate authorit5r for necessary action. 15

4. Write a precis of the given passage and add a suitable title to it:

There is a sense of fear prevailing among the people these days as the news of the virus has spread like wildfire. People are uncertain in their behaviour. Nobody is certain if they themselves are the carriers of the germ and may infect others. At the same time, they are also suspicious of others whom they come in contact with. The earlier feeling of openness and the welcoming gestures has changed. People maintain distance from one another and are in a hurry to get home after their work is done. Even a-fter reaching home, there is no respite from the virus as the news channels are filled with statistics of infections and deaths. This is not t.Ile world that we have known since our birth. Of course, there have been periods of epidemics and sicknesses in history, yet we had never thought that we would be caught like this at an age when science and technolory have advanced so much. Yet, science is still to hnd a cure for this deadly virus. It has taken over countries in its sweep in a matter of weeks. People no longer travel for holidays or visit relalives. They are content to know over phone and socia-l media platforms that they are still unaffected and alive.
The progress of nations has come to a grinding ha-lt and we are not sure how many weeks or months or yea-rs would pass before the damage that has been done will be repaired. We cannot say when the borders would be sa-fe to cross or we will ever be abie to greet others with a warm handsha-ke. The air is hlled with rumours and this feeds the fear of the public. Uncertainty and chaos have become the order of the day. People have been driven behind doors leaving places of public gatherings desolate. New norms of work and social exchange have become the order of tJle day. People are trying to adjust to the new norms and some time will pass before everyone gets used to it. However, all is not lost arrd mankind will bounce back. We shall again meet and greet one another like before and share our tiny bits of life; but till ttren, we must be careful.


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Courtesy: Arunachal Pradesh PSC