(Blog) Three Idiots - Essence of UPSC : Learning for IAS Aspirants

Essence of UPSC : Learning for IAS Aspirants

I want to convey one interesting and importance message.

I watched the movie "Three idiots" and found that it shows the true path to the UPSC Aspirant.

Amir Khan says that we should not study for scoring the marks only or mere gathering the information, main purpose of the study should be enhancing our knowledge, thats why he says that we can say to the tiger "well trained" when he jumps on the chair choping with the hunter by the ring master, but we cannot say him "well educated"

This is the essence of UPSC, what it seeks from the examinee.

UPSC doesn't give marks for mere dipictng the facts or puting the statistics in the answers. It expects someting extra from the student when it says in the questiion "discuss". or "comment" . There is much diference between the 'Information' and 'Knowledge' .

Most of the questions are of analytical in nature .If it gives one statment, you have to give your justification in support of it or against it. For this you must be knowledgeable, you must develop 360 degree knowledge of the fact to justyfy your answer. If you are knowledgeable, you can give answer of the question an any angle.

So while reading, one must think the all aspect of the fact, it applicablity, its pros and cons, statistics less matters. you should have depth of knowledge. We should read not only for gathering information but also for enhancing our knowledge. thats why, Mr. Shah Faesal, the IAS topper in 2009 has rightly said that he had read not for UPSC but for himself. He wanted to enhance his knowledge . And what a great man he is !

IT is applicable for every type of questions that UPSC ask in the examination.

Even in the question of Science and Technology, it does't expect much in technicality, but how it works, its applicability and its benifit and future prospects in overall.

What Amir khan says it absulutely true, if you gain knowledge, success will follow you, otherwise you will follow the success. He himself has shown in the end of the movie, when he is called for the contract by a man who secure a high profile job with his socring marks but ultimately comes to Amir Khan to sign contact for the new project as he is able to do it due to his inventive knowledge and he is regarded as scientist. 

So I wish that every new aspirant should watch this movie and decide his path of strategy of preperation. If you gain knowledge, it will be very easy to crack UPSC against what it is said the toughest examination.

By: Margeshwar Hatwar