(Book) Geomorphology by Savindra Singh

PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY by savindra singh


Language: ENGLISH
ISBN: 9784846465643, 4846465640
Edition: 1s, 2018
Pages: 660

Book Summary

Physical Geography presents the subject of physical geography in a detailed manner. Beginning with an introduction to the nature of physical geography, the book covers numerous topics including the age and origin of the earth, the lithosphere, the structure of the earth’s interior, the theory of isostasy, weathering and mass movements, drainage systems and patterns, and the cycle of erosion. Various types of earth terrains and elements are explored such as plains, plateaus, mountains, rocks, volcanoes, mountains, lakes, continents, and ocean basins.

Subsequent chapters discuss topics like salinity, groundwater and Karst topography, sea waves, coastal landforms, ocean currents and tides, ocean deposits, coral reefs, and the hydrosphere. The last few chapters of the book explore topics such as air pressure, atmospheric circulation, cyclones, biosphere, ecology, ecosystem, biomes, and flora and fauna.

Physical Geography was published in 2006 by Prayag Pustak Bhawan.

About Singh Savindra

Singh Savindra has written books like Environmental Geography and Physical Geography

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