(Books) Reference Book for History : Prelims And Mains

Reference Book for General Studies and Optional Subjects

History : Prelims Examination


(1) Prelims Guide – Krishna Reddy (Both in English & Hindi). Please other readings to supplement.

(2) The wonder that was India Part II - S.A.A. Rizvi

(3) Modern India - Grover & Grover, Modern India - Sumit Sarkar

(4) Question Bank : For Mains the same material would be good enough, but in – depth reading (more
intensive) is required. Go through last 10-15 years Question paper. Exercise writing answers, at
times. It is repeated in the same format.

History : Mains Examination

Ancient History:

(1) History of Ancient India – Jha & Srimali
(2) Wonder that was India - A. L. Basham
(3) Ancient India - D. N. Jha

Medieval History:

(1) Medieval History Part I & II – Harishchandra Verma
(2) Medieval History Part I & II – Satish Chandra
(3) Medieval History Part I, II, III – J. L. Mehta
(4) Medieval History - - Chaudhary , Majumadar & Datta (Three Authors)

World History:

  • Hobswam
  • Johnson’s European History
  • H.G. Hells


Note : - The above books' list is only illustrative and not exhaustive for the purpose of guidance to the candidates.