(Books) Administrative Thinkers 1st Edition By Prasad and Prasad

Administrative Thinkers 1st Edition By Sterling

Book Details:

Publisher Sterling Publishers

Publication Year 2010

ISBN-13 9788120754140

ISBN-10 812075414X

Language English

Edition 1stEdition

Binding Paperback

Number of Pages 286 Pages

Book Summary:

With increasing interest in the subject of public administration as a field of study, there is demand for more books that cover the ideas and philosophies that define this field. This is one of the books that addresses this need.

Administrative Thinkers bridges the gap between various administrative theories and the thinkers who evolved and presented those philosophies and principles. This book covers 21 of these great personalities in the field of Public Administration.

Beginning with an introductory chapter that explains the scientific evolution and presentation of theories, the book goes on to cover the biographies and ideas of various thinkers in the field of politics, economy and public administration.

The book begins with Kautilya, the ancient Indian master of statecraft and economics. His famous Arthasastra deals with the creation and management of wealth and the art and science of governance. Next, the book looks at former US President Woodrow Wilson's contribution towards identifying and establishing public administration as a specialized discipline.

It then goes on to discuss Henri Fayol and F. W. Taylor who presented administrative theories mainly from a management perspective. The next chapter focuses on Max Weber and his analysis of the concept of authority. He categorized authority into three different types, traditional, charismatic and legal-rational. He identified bureaucracy as belonging to the last type.

The book then looks at Gulick and Urwick who systematized the field of public administration and administrative management. In similar vein, the book proceeds to discuss the contributions of other thinkers like Karl Marx, Herbert A. Simon, Frederick Herzberg, Abraham Maslow, Mary Parker Follett, and Chris Argyris.

Administrative Thinkers presents an overview of the life history of each personality. It then lucidly and concisely presents their ideas and philosophies. This followed by a critical evaluation of their ideas and contributions to the field of Public Administration.

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