(Books) भारत का संविधान (एक परिचय) by डी. डी. बसु

भारत का संविधान (एक परिचय)

Book Details


Publication Year 2013

ISBN-13 9788180389405

ISBN-10 8180389405

About Book

Dr Durga Das Basu’s Bharat ka Samvidhan: Ek Parichay is an extensive volume which provides the readers with a shorter version of the Indian constitution in Hindi language. It is for all those who want to get acquainted with the constitution which was drafted for the nation after independence. The book not only helps the Universities across India for the Law and Arts students, but also helps with different competitive examinations and also the Union and State civil service exams. Bharat ka Samvidhan does interpret the constitution mainly from a legal point of view and it covers the subject Article by Article methodically. Its systematic approach helps the general readers as well, including politicians, statesmen, administrators, undergraduate students and journalists. The Index of the book has an easy and helpful layout, and the book also has borderline notes and references for more comprehensive understanding.

About Durga Das Basu

Durga Das Basu is an Indian jurist. He completed his doctorate of Law at the University of Calcutta. His books on Law and Constitution which have been some of the most widely read books and collection. Commentary on Constitution of India, Criminal Procedure Code, Law of the Press and Human Rights in Constitutional Law are some of the books authored by Dr D. D. Basu.

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