(Book) Crack Civil Services in First Attempt by Divey Sethi (IRS)

(Book) Crack Civil Services in First Attempt by Divey Sethi (IRS)

Book Details:

Paperback: 172 pages

Publisher: Knowracle Publications (2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 8819972581

ISBN-13: 978-8819972589

Product Dimensions: 21.4 x 14.9 x 1.9 cm

About Author:

Shri Divey Sethi cleared the UPSC Civil Services Examinations in 2013 and was selected to join the Indian Revenue Service. Based on his own experience and empirical evidence from seven other successful candidates and several unsuccessful ones, he has prepared a handy guidebook to help other aspirants with Do's and Don’ts. The book flags very graphically and through bullet points some practical tips and techniques for success in prelims, optional subjects and interview.

Despite Sethi's own assertions, it would be an oversimplification to say that his recipe for "smart study" is opposed to "hard work" or that civil services are generally for "mediocrities and average students" only. That there is no conflict between pursuit of excellence and a civil service career is accepted by him. Also, on principle, it cannot be disputed that there is no substitute for hard work and successes achieved through use of short cuts or tricks of the trade go only thus far and no further. Success achieved through hard work and struggle is more satisfying. Shri Sethi’s focus, I would like to believe is actually only on marrying your hard work with purposive and result oriented direction. He would like hard work to be properly strategized and channelized to the targets sought to be achieved. The author presents a concrete step by step action plan for preparations for civil service examinations.

The book makes an interesting reading. I am sure, it will be widely read and not only by civil services examinees. Although the author considers the coaching industry a menace, it is likely to be the one to derive the maximum benefits from his prescriptions, to adopt his tricks of the trade and reinvent its programmes.

I wish the author all success in his civil service career as a revenue officer and thereafter. I hope he will be motivated always by the highest principles of hard work, probity and public service above narrow aims of personal success and aspirations. I wish he continues to wield his pen and produce more books.


1. The Changing trends
2. The decision to go for civil services
3. Deciding the optional subject
4. The menace of coaching industry
5. Role of newspapers, magazines and websites
6. Preparations for preliminary examination

a) Analysis of GS paper
b) Present controversy
c) Unrelenting UPSC and stand of government
d) The way ahead
e) Smart strategy for paper
f) Analysis of GS paper 1
g) Subject-wise analysis of paper 1
h) Consolidated strategy for preliminary 2015

7. Countering failure in CSAT
8. Preparation for mains examination

a) Essay
b) GS paper – I
c) GS paper – II
d) GS paper – III
e) GS paper – IV

9. Deciphering CSE 2015 notification
10. Preparations for the Personality Test
11. General Advises & Pitfalls during the Preparations

a) Prerequisites to crack UPSC civil services
b) Calculating the number of hours of study
c) How to use calendar
d) Countering fatigue
e) Mobile phone anxiety
f) Coaching – Studying v/s Socializing
g) Theory of compartmentalization
h) The photoelectric effect

11. Epilogue

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