(Book) General Knowledge Digest by Pratiyogita Darpan

(Book) General Knowledge Digest by Pratiyogita Darpan

Book Details

Publisher Upkar Prakashan

Exam General Studies

ISBN-10 8174820949

Edition 1stEdition

Number of Pages 192 Pages

Publication Year 2006

Language English

ISBN-13 9788174820945

Binding Paperback

Table of Contents

1. Panoramic View of India
2. Important Knowledge : At a Glance
3. Indian Polity and Constitution
4. Defence Policy of India
5. General Science for Everyone
6. Higher Education in India
7. The General Geographical Study of India and World
8. Indian History
9. Indian Culture
10. Panoramic View of World
11. Sports and Games
12. Basic General Knowledge

  •  Abbreviations
  • Books and Authors
  • Latest Books and Authors
  •  Religious Books
  • Famous Authors in Different Languages
  • Famous Indian Authors
  • Famous Indian Writers in English
  •  Famous Characters in Literature
  • Tiger Reserves of India
  •  Mosques of India
  •  Firsts in Different Fields
  •  Lines, Frontiers etc.
  •  Mankind and Various Tribes
  •  Affiliation of Personalities with Places
  •  Chief Crops and the States Producing Them
  •  The Largest, Longest, Biggest, Highest, Smallest in the World
  •  The Largest, Smallest, Highest and Longest in India
  •  Geographical Surnames
  •  Wonders of the World
  •  Deserts
  •  Important Towns on Rivers
  •  Principal Game Sanctuaries and National Parks in India
  •  Hill Stations (India)
  •  Principal Indian Ports
  •  Famous Sites (India)
  •  Famous Sites (Outside India)
  •  Variety of Animals
  •  Physical Geography
  •  Geographical Terms

13. Development and Employment Programmes in India
14. International Organisations
15. Space Research
16. Awards, Honours and Prizes : National and International
17. States and Union Territories

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