(Book) GEOGRAPHY OF INDIA NEW (English) By Spectrum Editorial Board

GEOGRAPHY OF INDIA NEW (English) By Spectrum Editorial Board


Publisher Spectrum Books

Publication Year 2013

ISBN-13 9788179304860

ISBN-10 8179304868

Language English

Binding Paperback

Number of Pages 632 Pages


About the Book :

This is a comprehensive book on various aspects of the geography of the country. Besides discussing the physical and human geographical details, including the availability and distribution of economic resources, the book incorporates a survey of all the states and union territories of India from the geographical point of view.

It would be of use to anyone interested in the geography of the country, besides of course those appearing for the General Studies paper in the civil services Mains and other competitive examinations requiring detailed study of Indian's geography.


1. India: An introduction

Location and Size
Political Units
India’s Neighbours
Adv antages of Location
Some Facts About Position of States

2. Geomorphology

Geological History and Structure
The Landforms
The Islands
Comparison of the Deltaic Tracts of the Indus and the Ganga
Differences Between Western and Eastern Ghats
The Indian Desert
Differences Between West Coastal Plains and East Coastal Plains

3. Water Resources

Sources of Water
Indian Drainage System
The National Water Policy 2002
Utilisation of Water Resources
Water Resources Management
Disputes over Sharing Water Resources
Evolution of the 1981 Agreement
Presidential Reference

4. Climate

Factors Affecting Climate
Indian Climate: Subtropical Monsoon
Explaining the Monsoon
Climatic Regions of India
Why no precipitation in Kachchh and western Rajasthan?
Difference Between Retreating South-West Monsoons and North-East Monsoons

5. Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

Factors that Influence Natural Vegetation
Natural Vegetation in India
Forest Cover
Importance of Forests
Problems Facing Indian Forests
Forest Development and Conservation
Distinction Between National Park, Sanctuary and Biosphere Reserve
biosphere reserves

6. Soils

What is Soil?
Soil Formation
Soil Characteristics
Soil Profile
Soil Classification
Soil Erosion
Preventing Soil Erosion
Soil Conservation
Effects of Soil Salinity and Alkalinity

7. Land Resources and Agriculture

Land Resources
Land Utilisation and Classification
The Problem of Land Degradation
Role and Importance of Agriculture
Nature of Indian Agriculture
Causes of Low Agricultural Productivity
Types of Farming
Cropping Seasons
Agricultural Regions
Planning Commission’s Agro-Climatic Zones
Agro-Ecological Regions
Cropping Pattern
Factors Affecting Cropping Pattern
Cropping Intensity
Conditions of Growth and Distribution of Major Crops
Agricultural Infrastructure
Animal Husbandry
Difficulties in Implementing Big Irrigation Projects
Dryzone Agriculture
Green Revolution

8. Mineral Resources

Distribution in India
Metallic Minerals: Ferrous Group
Metallic Minerals: Non-Ferrous Group
Non-Metallic Minerals
Mineral Exploration and Development
National Mineral Policy
Need for Caution and Conservation

9. Energy Resources

Fuel Minerals
Non-Conventional Energy Sources
Energy Crisis

10. Industry

History of Industrial Development
Industrial Policy Since Independence
Factors Influencing Location of Industries
Spatial Pattern of Industrial Development
Industrial Complexes and Industrial Regionalisation
Industrial Houses
Agro-based Industries
Mineral-Based Industries
Heavy Engineering Industries
Light Engineering Goods Industry
Forest-based Industries
Cottage Industry
Tourism industry
Special Economic Zones

11. Transport and Communication

Waterways and Shipping
Pipeline Networks
Competition and Complementarity of Transport Modes
Passenger and Commodity Flows
Mass Communication
Corridor management
State/UT-wise National Highways in the Country
Konkan Railway
Dedicated Freight Corridor
Delhi Metro Rail
The Kochi (Nedumbassery) International Airport
Sethusamudaram Project

12. Foreign Trade

Role and Importance
Foreign Trade Scenario
Challenges Facing Indian Exports
Foreign Trade Policy
India and the World Trade Organisation
Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments
Services Trade

13. The People

Diversities and Unity
Racial Groups
Scheduled Castes
Cultural Aspects
Population Problems
National Population Policy 2000
Human Development
Census: A Few Facts

14. Settlements and Migration

Rural Settlement Patterns
Rural Population in India
Urban Space
Growth of Urbanisation
Functional and Hierarchical Patterns of Indian Cities
City Regions
Rural–Urban Fringe
Internal Structure of Indian Cities
Urban Sprawl
Town Planning
Slums and Urban Housing
Problems of Urbanisation and Remedies
National Urbanisation Policy

15. Regional Development and Planning

Geographical Parameters of Regional Planning
Experience of Regional Planning in India
Regional Policies in Indian Five-Year Plans
Regional Disparities in Development in India
The Case for Decentralised Planning
Panchayati Raj and Decentralised Planning
Regional Planning and Development of Island Territories

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