(Books) Geography Through Maps 9th Edition By K. Siddhartha

Geography Through Maps 9th Edition By K. Siddhartha

Book Details:

Publisher Kitab Mahal
Publication Year 2011
ISBN-13 9788187461067
ISBN-10 8187461063
Language English
Edition 9thEdition
Binding Paperback

Book Summary:

Through this book, the author has tried to teach the subject of geography through maps, rather than a text. The book features an in-depth analysis of maps and helps its readers understand the fundamentals of geography in this way. It tries to simplify the complexities of the natural world, making it easier for readers to understand the planet that they live on.

Further, this book focuses on students who are preparing for various competitive exams, though it can also be used at the school level. The maps serve as a guide to locate different places and obtain information about them. These maps are not true to scale and have been presented purely to make learning geography an interesting affair. The book is divided into four sections. Section A covers two topics - Ancient Indian Geographical Concepts and Historical And Cultural Geography Of India. Section B covers a single chapter, titled Places With Location In Maps. The next part, Section C, features topics like Prehistoric Sites Of India, Recently Discovered Harappan Sites, and Places Of Tourist Interest. The last part, Section D, contains an appendix, exhaustive glossary, and an index, in order to make it convenient for readers to find what they are looking for.

This edition was released in 2011 and has been published by Kitab Mahal.

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