(Books) Indian History - 2014 (English) 24th Edition By Spectrum Editorial Board

Indian History - 2014 (English) 24th Edition By Spectrum Editorial Board


Publisher Spectrum Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN-13 9788179305119

ISBN-10 8179305112

Language English



Number of Pages
1200 Pages

About the Book :

Indian History - 2014 is a comprehensive book for candidates preparing for the Civil Services examination. The book comprises of chapters on prehistoric cultures in India, the Indus civilization, the Mauryan Empire, the Gupta Age, the Delhi Sultanate, the Mughal Empire, British expansion, and India independent to 1964. In addition, the book consists of several solved and unsolved multiple choice questions for thorough revision and final practice. This book is essential for candidates aspiring to work for the Union Public Service Commission of India.

Spectrum Editorial Board is a panel of expert editors from Spectrum Publishing House. They produce books on current affairs and general knowledge like International Organisations: Conferences and Treaties, Public Administration: Theories and Principles, Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore and Other Eminent Personalities of Modern India, etc.

Table of Contents

Section A

1. Introduction
2. Prehistoric Cultures in India
3. The Indus Civilization
4. Chalcolithic and Early Iron Age Culture
5. Vedic Society
6. State Formation and Urbanization
7. The Mauryan Empire
8. Post - Mauryan Period (Circa 200 Bc to Ad 300)
9. The Gupta Age
10. Post - Gupta Period (Up to Circa 750 Ad)

Section B

1. Early Medieval India Political and Social Developments (c. 750-1200 Ad)
2. The Delhi Sultanate -Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
3. Cultural Trends (c. Mid-Eighth Century Ad to the Thirteenth Century)
4. Provincial Dynasties After the Sultanate
5. Portuguese Control in the Indian Ocean
6. The Mughal Empire
7. Decline of the Mughal Empire and Rise of the Regional States
8. The Marathas
9. Socio - Economic and Cultural Trends (Mid-16th to Mid-18th Centuries)

Section C

1. British Expansion
2. Economic Impact of the British Raj
3. Cultural Encounter and Social Changes
4. Resistance to British Rule
5. Indian Freedom Struggle
6. Separatist Trends in Indian Nationalist Politics
7. India Independent to 1964

Section D

1. Question review
2. Answers
3. Explanatory Notes

Section E

Practice Test Papers
(Answer Sheets Attached With Each Paper)

Solved Papers of Upsc Prelims

Paper 1993
Paper 1994
Paper 1995
Paper 1996
Paper 1997
Paper 1998
Paper 1999
Paper 2000
Paper 2001
Paper 2002
Paper 2003
Paper 2004
Paper 2005
Paper 2006
Paper 2007

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