(Books) Mastering Modern World History 3rd Edition By Norman Lowe

Mastering Modern World History 3rd Edition By Norman Lowe

Book Details:

Publisher Macmilan Indian Limited New Delhi
Publication Year 1997
ISBN-13 9780333932186
ISBN-10 0333932188
Language English
Edition 3rdEdition
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 522 Pages

Book Summary:

Mastering Modern World History is an ideal book for those taking their first examinations in the history subject. The book covers the topic of modern world history in a very comprehensive way and is a complete guidebook in itself. It has been designed in a manner so as to make the subject matter contained in it easily understandable, both for individual study as well as for use in the classroom.

The third edition of Mastering Modern World History provides the latest material in all its chapters. The new subject matter added in the book brings it up-to-date with the current happenings around the world. In addition, there are certain separate sections in the book that focus on the recent developments in world history.

The book begins by delving into World War I and ends by looking deeply into the important problems that plague the globe today. Some major topics included in Mastering Modern World History are international relations and the conflicts existing in them, internal affairs of the major world powers, the European Union and Eastern Europe, problems in the African continent, communism, fascism, global poverty, pollution and population.

One added feature of the third edition of Mastering Modern World History is that this volume contains many more illustrations and maps that make it easier to comprehend the happenings in world history. This edition also has many of the questions rewritten in a manner as to make their answers as updated as possible.

Published in 1997 by Macmillan India Ltd., New Delhi, Mastering Modern World History can be considered as a self-sufficient course in history, whose study requires no prior knowledge of the subject. It is an excellent book for history students looking to quickly improve their understanding of the subject.

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