(Download) CAPF (AC) Exam, 2017 Paper "General Studies, Essay and Comprehension"

(Download) CAPF (AC) Exam, 2017 Paper "General Studies, Essay and Comprehension"

Exam Name: CAPF (AC)

Year: 2017

Subject:  General Studies, Essay and Comprehension

Q1. Write essays on any four of the following in about 300 words each :

(a) The need for common civil code in India
(b) Cashless transactions : Scope and future prospects in India
(c) India versus China in the context of emerging economy in South Asia
(d) The things that count as being civilized
(e) Cleaning and connecting the rivers in India
(f) The recent achievements of India's nuclear scientists

Q2. Write arguments for and against each of the statements :

(a) The youth in India are getting addicted to Android mobiles.
(b) Power flows from the barrel of the gun.

Q3. Write reports on the following in about 200 words each :

(a) Corruption in politics
(b) Environmental pollution

Q4. Attempt a précis of the given passage in one-third of its length. Do not suggest a title. Write, as far as possible, in your own words. The précis must be written only in the précis-format given below :

During the launching of a satellite, the rocket must travel in exactly the right direction and at exactly the right speed. Radio signals are automatically sent back to earth from the rocket. These signals tell men on the ground how the rocket is travelling and help them to make sure that it is going as it should. The signals go to special calculating machines called computers that work very fast. The computers work out whether the rocket is travelling correctly. If it is not, they calculate what correction is needed. Radio signals send the correction to the rocket and make it automatically change its direction
or speed as necessary.
Artificial satellites are used for many things. By sending them through the upper parts of the atmosphere we can find out more about the atmosphere. The more air there is, the more slowly the satellite will travel, until it falls to earth. By sending satellites round the earth at different heights, we can find out how much air there is at each height.

We can find out more about the shape of the earth by means of satellites. If the earth is not perfectly round, its gravity will not be the same everywhere. Because the pull of the earth's gravity keeps the satellite in its orbit, any change in the gravity will change the orbit. By watching the way a satellite travels, we can find out whether the earth's gravity changes anywhere. If it does, we know that the shape of the earth is different at that place. In this way artificial satellites have shown us that the poles of the earth are flattened,
and that the South Pole is flattened more than the North.

Satellites can give us information about the weather. By sending up satellites with television cameras on board, we can get pictures of the clouds below. Each picture shows an area the size of one or more whole countries. By looking at these pictures, we can see bad weather before it comes to us. By getting warning of hurricanes or typhoons in this way, people can get ready to shelter from them. Weather satellites can also show us when rain will come. Men are now trying to forecast weather all round the world with the help of satellites.

Q5. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow :

If we look back at India's long history we find that our forefathers made wonderful progress whenever they looked out on the world with clear and fearless eyes and kept the windows of their minds open to give and to receive. And, in later periods, when they grew narrow in outlook and shrank from outside influences, India suffered a set-back, politically and culturally. What a magnificent inheritance we have, though we have abused it often enough. India has been and is a vital nation, in spite of all the misery and suffering that she has experienced. That vitality in the realm of constructive and creative effort spread to many parts of the Asian world and elsewhere and brought splendid conquests in its train. Those conquests were not so much of the sword, but of the mind and heart which bring healing and which endure when the men of the sword and their work are forgotten. But that very vitality, if not rightly and creatively directed, may turn inward and destroy and degrade.

Even during the brief span of our lives we have seen these two forces at play in India and the world at large — the forces of constructive and creative effort and the forces of destruction. Which will triumph in the end ? And on which side do we stand ? That is a vital question for each one of us and, more especially, for those from whom the leaders of the nation will be drawn, and on whom the burden of tomorrow will fall. We dare not sit on the fence and refuse to face the issue. We dare not allow our minds to be befuddled by passion and hatred when clear thought and effective action are necessary.

(i) What hurdled the progress of India ?
(ii) What is the uniqueness of the Indian vitality ?
(iii) Why are the men of the sword and their work forgotten?
(iv) Why are the conquests of India always remembered ?
(v) What is the vital question referred to at the end of the passage and what is your answer to that question ?

Q6. (a) Rewrite the sentences as directed :

(Fill in the blank with the correct article)

(i) .....university stands for humanism, tolerance, progress, etc.
(ii) He often gets .... trouble because of his carelessness.
(iii) I.... living in this town since 2007.
(iv) They have completed the work.

(Change into passive voice)

(v) The method of living happily must be known to you.
(vi) My teacher said to me, “You should learn to live your life meaningfully and beautifully."
(vii) My mother advised me that I should give respect to elders.

(Change into direct speech)

(viii) Educated and empowered women contribute richly for the development of our nation,

(Put the correct question tag)

(ix) People respect him because he is an exemplary leader.

(Change into simple sentence)

(x) The problem was so complicated that I could not solve it.

(Rewrite the sentence using “too")

(b) Give the plural form of the following words and make sentences using the plural form:

(i) alga
(ii) child
(iv) syllabus
(v) thesis

(c) Correct the following sentences without making any unnecessary changes :

(i) He finds fault in every one.
(ii) He is one of the noble men who have sacrificed his life for the nation.
(iii) One should always take care of his health.
(iv) None of the five persons were found suitable for the job.
(v) My friend is younger than me.

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