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About the Body of an Essay

In the Previous article we discussed- What is the Structure and Framework of an Essay, and different styles of writing an Essay.

Now, it must be mentioned that, a good essay does not follow any particular approach. Rather, a candidate should use different styles and perspective to make the essay rich and multidimensional.

We would also like to mention that, since not everyone can write beautifully, you need to adopt some strategy to make your essay look neat and clean. Thus, one must write the essay in a structure.

This can be done by breaking the essay in different parts. Since the word limit for the essay paper is 2500 words in 3 hours, you get sufficient time to plan and strategize about the structure of your essay. So recommend that a candidate should devote an adequate amount of time on the structure and parts of the essay, before you get down to write your thoughts.

Thus, make a rough draft for your essay, putting down the major sections and prominent points on the paper. This would help you to make sure that all the points that you know are written in the essay.

The Rough Draft

Coming over to the rough draft of the essay, you may follow a basic framework-

S. No.


1 Introduction
2 Content I
3 Content II, III and so on
4 Contemporary Scenario
5 Evaluation
6 Conclusion

It is also important to arrange your points in a proper flow, so as to maintain the logical connection between different paragraphs and sections of your essay. Thus, you may also prepare a rough flow chart of the your essay, dealing with how your essay would proceed. All this should take hardly 15 minutes of your time. But this would help you while writing the essay content.

Now, coming over to the Structure of the Essay-

The Introduction

To start with, the Introductory part of the essay shall present a gist of the essay in a brief and precise form. Such an introduction of the essay would evoke the interest of the evaluator in the essay. As a general rule, the more interested the evaluator gets in your essay, the better your chances of scoring.

Thus, the beginning of the essay should be thought provoking and engaging.

Also, you may relax the chronological criterion for the introduction part. Your chronological work can start from the main content of the essay. The purpose of writing the introduction is to make the essay self-explanatory and as a preface to what is to come next.

Moving to the further parts of the essay, it is important to remember that a certain chronology is very helpful while writing an essay. This chronological arrangement of ideas can be in different forms, like- by time, by events, by major decisions, or by significance. Such a chronological flow in an essay helps to bind the content in a logical connection, and makes more sense out of the content.

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