The Significance and Role of Essay Paper in IAS MAINS

The Significance and Role of Essay Paper in IAS MAINS

The Significance of Essays in Civil Services Exams

The Essay paper is the first paper of the Civil Services (Mains) Examination. As per the new syllabus, the Essay paper consists of 250 Marks. It comprises of an Essay of not more than 2500 words.


The above pie-chart shows the the share of the Essay Paper in the Mains examination. While you might think that the weightage is less, as compared to the other parts. An intelligent look will identify that the weightage of each individual paper is 250 marks only. Thus, the essay paper falls at an equal footing with the other papers.

GS Foundation Course (PT+ MAINS) for IAS EXAM

सामान्य अध्ययन (GS) फ़ाउनडेशन कोर्स (Foundation Course) PT + Mains, HINDI Medium

Looking at the above pie-chart, it would be risky to take the Essay paper without any practice.

It must be noted that, it is not easy to write 2500 words essay. Now, coming to how you can improve your performance in the Mains examination, by working on your writing skill:

It shall be kept in mind that- for the Essay paper, everyone is on an equal footing, as no one knows exactly what the UPSC might ask for the essay. Generally, the given choices broadly covers the topics of Philosophy, Economy, Politics, World etc.

At this point of time, the only thing that is helpful for the candidate writing the essay, is his writing ability. If you are able to write a good analytical and wholesome essay, you can fetch good marks in that paper, which can give a fillip to your aggregate score.

Now, the significance of essay is not limited to that paper only. The whole purpose of providing the essay mini-course is to develop the writing skills of the candidates. As stated earlier, if you are not able to express yourself in a good manner, then you stand to lose in the merit list, inspite of being competent in all senses.

Thus, your competency and high writing skills in the essay paper, would become an added advantage in the other Mains papers. How?? given the limited time and pressure of the Mains examination, a candidate is not able to write every aspect of the answer. Thus, what matters in the paper is the structure and presentation of the candidate.

If you develop a good writing style, and a sharp analytical ability, your performance in the Mains would greatly enhance. It is in this sense that essay becomes the foundation of the examination process.

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How will an Online Course on Essay be Helpful?

Essay writing is a crucial topic, from an exam point of view. While you can read and learn about the various disciplines and topics, it is hard to develop a good style of writing merely by reading books. That is why, a large number of students fail to clear the competitive examinations, inspite of being academically competent and intellectually suitable for a job. Thus, writing practice has its own importance, that flows through each and every paper, that needs descriptive answers.

The purpose of introducing this mini-course was to help the candidates to develop their writing skills, through practice and guidance. It is very important to develop a good writing habit. However, it is difficult to improve by only writing random things. Thus, a better strategy is to have an expert guidance and review of your writings.

Your performance will greatly improve when your writing would be evaluated thoroughly by experts. Since it is the preparatory stage, it is advisable to have each and every writing reviewed. Through these evaluations, you would learn how to focus on the right areas; how to build a framework; how to write an essay in a structure; and How to write analytically.

Why Should I Join the Course Now??

The essay course has been designed in such a way that you do not need to devote days for it. You only need to give a few hours for writing the essay, that would be given to you twice a month, and an hour to review the evaluated essay.

This is the right opportunity for the candidates, as after the IAS Prelims exam, you would hardly get any time for the essay paper, as your focus would shift to the other Mains subjects. Thus, it is the right time to practice on your writing skills, while also preparing other subjects.

Further, it is not that you would stop getting the essay assignments after the Prelims exam. Even after the Prelims examination, you would be getting the essay assignments for practice. This will ensure that your efforts would not go in vain.

Our aim is to provide a proper guidance to the candidates, and make sure that their efforts does not go in vain. You may freely contact us regarding any concern and query. We are more than happy to help.

We wish the Candidates All the Best!!



GS Foundation Course (PT+ MAINS) for IAS EXAM

सामान्य अध्ययन (GS) फ़ाउनडेशन कोर्स (Foundation Course) PT + Mains, HINDI Medium

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