Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer - 10

Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer

(Public Administration Paper I / Chapter: Public Policy)

Question : Public administration can be portrayed as a wheel of relationships focused on the formulation and implementation of public policy." Explain. (15 Marks/250 words)

Model Answer :

Policy Formulation is essential part of Public Administration though permanent executives are not directly involved in policy decisions but the essential facts, figures and information required for policy decisions are made available by them to ministers and legislature so that correct and fact based decision could be taken. Public Policy in the broad term refers to the policy (plan of what to do) that is formulated and implemented for the benefit of the public. If read in light of the narrow view of Public Policy then it relates to plan of action to be pursued by the Government (because Public is also used as a synonym for Government in many places).There is no unanimity on the definition of Public Policy.

Public Policy is a document that contains the broad outline as well as the detailed description of formulation as well as implementation of various government programs and plans that are taken out for the goal/objective of public benefit and implemented through the constitutional authorities, bureaucracy and government organizations /institutions in collaboration with civil society organizations. It takes a variety of forms like law, ordinances, court decisions, executive orders, decisions, etc.

All three components of Public Administration i.e. Legislature, Judiciary and Executives are involved in policy formulation and its implementation. So Public Administration is a wheel of relationships that focuses on Policy formulation and its implementation. In the recent times, the judiciary has asserted itself in many policy decisions such as Ban on convicted people's election, None of Above option (NOTA) in election, Ban on caste based rallies etc. It shows that Otherwise considered Passive judiciary has also become active in deciding policies. (Total Words-272)

(Linkages : Public Administration and Public Policy, Public Administration and Policy Formulation, Public Administration and Policy Implementation, Public Administration and Government Plans )

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