Online Course for Public Administration for UPSC Mains Examination 2018

Online Crash Course for Public Administration for IAS Mains 2018

Dear Candidates,

After valuable feedback and request from your side , here we are again with a new batch of Public Administration online Coaching for the Mains Exam 2018.

This new batch is going to start at All India Level from the 1st of every month and will go ( covering your 100% syllabus) till the Mains Examination 2018.

The objective of this online programme is to make learning an interactive exercise and helping you to make command over the theory and practice of Public Administration.

Any aspirant preparing for UPSC-IAS and State Civil Services Examination and have even no background in Public Administration can join and easily get benefit from this comprehensive course.

This course is highly beneficial for:

(a) All those who are fresher and want to start learning and covering 100 percent syllabus of Public Administration
(b) All those who want to revise the 100 % syllabus of Public Administration Mains in a Professional Manner.
(c) All those who want to write answers on the variety of the topics from the syllabus of public administration and get evaluated by our course coordinator.

What you will Get (?)

  • Public Administration (Paper - I &II) 100% Syllabus - Online Reading Material (Which Can be saved easily)
  • Slides (For Giving Summary of Each Chapters) - PDF COPY
  • Gist of National Administrative Committees Reports - PDF COPY
  • Gist of Important Articles from the Journals of IIPA of last 25 years (Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi)- PDF COPY
  • Current Public Administration, A Monthly Magazine- PDF COPY
  • Free (Ebook) - Categorized Chapterwise Question Papers of Public Administration Mains Exam- PDF COPY
  • Free (Ebook) -  Useful Diagrams and Charts- In Public Administration always pictorial presentations with explanations pay rich returns.- PDF COPY
  • Free (Ebook) - Mind Maps on the important topics of Public Administration Mains (PDF) 
  • Free (Ebook) - Solution of UPSC-IAS Public Administration Mains Examination Question Papers (PDF)
  • Free (Ebook) - Model Question and Answer PDF COPY
  • Free (Ebook) -  Overview of Main Linkages- PDF Copy
  • Weekly Mains Exam Answer Writing Challenge- Public Administration
  • Mock Tests as per UPSC- Mains examination requirement, proper evaluation of answer sheet and feedback.
  • Strategy and Suggested Reading - It is full of tips on areas of emphasis, caution while reading and writing ,how to write the answer (?) and Suggested Reading on Public Administration.
  • Overview of Main Linkages- In Public Administration in your answer you have to form linkages from five to six topics. This is shortest key to get high score in Public Administration.
  • Online and Telephonic interaction with the Course Co-ordinator, and continuous evaluation through a regular online writing session in every chapter.
  • The regular support in the form of sharing with you updates, articles, reports and book briefing related to Public Administration. The purpose is to give you cutting edge over others.

Fee for the Course:

  • Rs. 5,000 Rs. 1,999/-  (Limited time Offer)
  • Payment is 100% Safe and Order No is generated immediately.
  • Login will be shared within 24 hrs via email.
  • Commencement Date- 1st of Every Month (Join Anytime)
  • All previous material will be provided to you in your Online Coaching Account. The duration of this programme continues till UPSC Mains examination.

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You can Join anytime, You will soon get access to all previous material also .

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In UPSC MAINS 2017, 24 Questions (Paper I) & 22 Questions (Paper II)  were asked from our study Material

In UPSC MAINS 2016, 24 Questions (Paper I) & 23 Questions (Paper II)  were asked from our study Material

In UPSC MAINS 2015, 28 Questions (Paper I) & 22 Questions (Paper II)  were asked from our study Material


Administrative Theory No. of Session No. of Home Assignments
Introduction 10 10
Administrative Thought 11 11
Administrative Behaviour 9 9
Organisations 13 13
Accountability and control 13 13
Administrative Law 6 6
Comparative Public Administration 5 5
Development Dynamics 7 7
Personnel Administration 13 13
Public Policy 9 9
Techniques of Administrative Improvement 8 8
Financial Administration 10 10


Indian Administration No. of Session No. of Home Assignments
Evolution of Indian Administration 7 7
Philosophical and Constitutional framework of government 6 6
Public Sector Undertakings 6 6
Union Government and Administration 13 13
Plans and Priorities 7 7
State Government and Administration 9 9
District Administration since Independence 5 5
Civil Services 11 11
Financial Management 7 7
Administrative Reforms since Independence 5 5
Rural Development 4 4
Urban Local Government 8 8
Law and Order Administration 7 7
Significant issues in Indian Administration 7 7


Important Articles, Tips & Tricks, Facts..:




  • THANKU SIR, that was valuable:) – Siddharth
  • Sir, thank you, you explained approach with an example- Ninika
  • Your materials on Public Administration has made reading an interesting experience – Ashmita
  • Really forming linkages is a valuable exercise for getting high marks- Raju
  • Good sir , you covered the 100 % syllabus of Public Administration (Mains)- Navin
  • Your Materials are very pinpointed and point wise- Dhiman
  • ………………………………….and many more comments like this by aspirants like you


For Enquiries CALL - +91 7827687693, 9958790414 (10 AM to 7 PM)