(Sample Material) IAS Mains PUB-AD Online Coaching: Definitions of some Public Administrative/Organizational words (Part -2)

Sample Material of Our IAS Mains Public Administration Online Coaching Programme

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As a regular feature again we are introducing you with some administrative/organizational words. Know the words and it will help you in answer writing in Public Administration and in other words getting good marks.

Definitions of some Public Administrative/Organizational words:-

Intergovernmental Relations : The complex network of interrelationships among governments; the political, fiscal, programmatic, and administrative processes by which higher units of government hare revenues and other resources with lower units of government, generally accompanied by special conditions that the lower units must satisfy as prerequisites to receiving the assistance.

Fiscal Federalism : The financial relations between and among units of government in a federal system. The theory of fiscal federalism, or multi-unit government finance, is one part of the branch of applied economics known as public finance.

Council of Government : An organisation of cooperating local governments seeking a regional approach to planning, development, transportation, environment, and other issues.

Local Self-government : Self-government implies ‘rule unto themselves by people themselves or through their own representatives.’ In the European Charter of Local self-government, “this entails the existence of local authorities endowed with democratically constituted decision-making bodies and possessing a wide degree of autonomy with regard to their responsibilities, the ways and means by which those responsibilities are exercised and the resources required for their fulfilment” (Strasbourg, 1985).

Nation State : Nation state is a political science terminology, which explains a state of political unity attained by a country and characterized by modern institutions of governance, namely a representative parliament, impartial judiciary, rule of law and universal adult franchise.

Panchayati Raj : The word ‘Panchayat’ refers to a collective body of people set up for the deliberation of public issues. Panchayati Raj, means governance by a collective body of people.

The word ‘panch’ in panchayat specifies the number of members in a collectivity set up for governance, that is, ‘paanch’, or five. Panchayat is a native term for village peers or wise men, who deliberate on human, particularly social affairs.

“Traditional” and “charismatic” authority, hitherto enjoyed by the ‘panchas’ has been converted to “legal rational authority” by grant of constitutional status to the panchayat as an institution of local self governance.

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