Suggested Reading For Public Administration For IAS & Other All State Civil Services Mains Examination (Paper - 1)


Dear Aspirants,
After huge success of our (a) online course on Public Administration for Mains Examination and (b) Study kit on Public Administration for Mains Examination, we are feeling proud of the responses we are continuously getting from all of you. And as per request from your side , here I am with a detailed list of suggested reading for PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION for IAS and other all state civil service mains examination.
This list is very comprehensive and result of hard work and will hopefully fulfill the need of all of you whether you are preparing for IAS or any other state services.

Few of very good books mentioned below are now not easily available in the market but for that you can refer a library, thankfully we tried our best to accommodate such all and other relevant things in IASEXAMPORTAL Study kit on Public Administration for Mains Examination so as to save your time and energy.

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Chapter: 1 Introduction

  • Meaning, scope and significance of Public Administration; - Nicholas Henry/Nigro & Nigro
  • Wilson’s vision of Public Administration;- R N Singh
  • Evolution of the discipline and its present status;- Nicholas Henry
  • New Public Administration;- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Public Choice approach;- Mohit Bhattacharya
  • Challenges of liberalization, Privatisation, Globalisation;- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Good Governance: concept and application; -Special Issue of IIPA on the eve of 50 years of India’s Independence
  • New Public Management- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT

Chapter: 2 Administration Thought

  • Scientific Management and Scientific Management movement;-D Guishiain
  • Classical Theory;- D Guishiain
  • Weber’s bureaucratic model – its critique and post-Weberian Developments;-IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Dynamic Administration (Mary Parker Follett);-R N Singh
  • Human Relations School (Elton Mayo and others);-D. Guishiain
  • Functions of the Executive (C.I. Barnard);-G R Terry
  • Simon’s decision-making theory;-Mohit Bhattacharya/ IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Participative Management (R. Likert, C. Argyris, D. McGregor)- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT

Chapter: 3 Administrative Behaviour

Chapter: 4 Organisation

Chapter: 5 Accountability & Control

Chapter: 6 Administrative Law

Chapter: 7 Comparative Public Administration

  • Historical and sociological factors affecting administrative systems;- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Administration and politics in different countries;- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Current status of Comparative Public Administration;-Ferrel Heady
  • Ecology and administration;- Sharma and Sadana/ R K Arora
  • Riggsian models and their critique- Prasad and Prasad

Chapter: 8 Development Dynamics

Chapter: 9 Personnel Administration

  • Importance of human resource development;-IGNOU
  • Recruitment,-S L Goel
  • training,- S L Goel
  • career advancement,- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • position classification,-A R Tyagi
  • discipline,-Sharma and Sadana
  • performance appraisal,- O.Glenn Stahl
  • promotion,- A R Tyagi
  • pay and service conditions;- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • employer-employee relations,- Awasthi and Maheshwari
  • grievance redressal mechanism;-Special Issue of IIPA
  • Code of conduct;- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Administrative ethics- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT

Chapter: 10 Public Policy

  • Models of policy-making and their critique;-IGNOU/K D Madan
  • Processes of conceptualisation, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and review and their limitations;- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • State theories and public policy formulation-IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT

Chapter: 11 Techniques of Administrative Improvement

Chapter: 12 Financial Administration


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