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As we all know Public Administration is most interdisciplinary among all social sciences as a result it is highly dynamic and analytical.

Linkages are very important in the context of Public Administration. Since Public Administration is highly analytical, ‘Linkages’ mean thrust should be on applying the related concepts of Paper I in Paper I and II and ; related concepts of Paper II in Paper II and I. It is also known as ‘Concept of Overlappings’.

In comments section you have required to form linkages from three to four topics , in 30 marks question five to six topics and in 60 marks question eight to nine topics. This one is key for getting high marks in Public Administration.

Read this one also…..

Question-“In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise his level of incompetence.” Comment.(20 Marks)

(a) Training and Employee
(b) Training and Hierarchy
(c) Training and level of incompetence
(d) Training and Promotion

Question-Elaborate the World Bank’s Concept of Good Governance.(30 Marks)

(a) Good Governance and Kautilya
(b) Good Governance and Parliamentary Democracy
(c) Good Governance and Human Rights
(d) Good Governance and E-Governance
(e) Good Governance and Civil Society
(f) Good Governance and Public Service

Question-Democracy and good governance are contradictions in terms. Discuss with examples.(60 Marks)

(a) Good Governance and Misgovernance
(b) Good Governance and Rule of Law
(c )Good Governance and Responsible Democracy
(d) Good Governance and good government of society
(e) Good Governance and Sustainable Environment
(f) Good Governance and Transparency
(g) Good Governance and Decentralization
(h) Good Governance and Education for All

The search for good governance is an endless one. In today’s complex world , government alone is not capable of coping with myriad problems. Democracy is most popular form of the government although it was never method of governance which was ever regarded as Good.

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