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Definitions of Administrative Terms

Bhagidari : It means 'collaborative partnership' between citizens and administration in policy-making and for the effective delivery of services. In practice, Bhagidari is about understanding each other's constraints, appreciating the other side's strengths and then arriving at solutions to problems through consensus. Bhagidari scheme pioneered by the Delhi government, envisages collaboration between citizens and the city administration for the improvement of civic services.

Quasi-federal : A weak federation in which the Constitution allocates more powers to the federal government to the detriment of the autonomy of the states.

Delegated Legislation : The term refers to the rule-making power of the executive over matters for which authority is transferred to it by the legislature. It also refers to the output of rules, regulations, orders, etc. of the executive.

Inter-State Council : It is an effective body for consultations between the Centre and states. Under Article 263 of the Constitution the President is given the power to define the nature of the duties of the Council. This Council inquires into, and advises upon disputes, which may have arisen between the states.

Market Economy : It is an economy where resources are allocated for alternative uses by exchange in the market through demand and supply.

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