(Sample Material) IAS Mains PUB-AD Online Coaching: Definitions of some Public Administrative/Organizational words

Sample Material of Our IAS Mains Public Administration Online Coaching Programme

Dear Candidates,
As a regular feature again we are introducing you with some administrative/organizational words. Know the words and it will help you in answer writing in Public Administration and in other words getting good marks.

Definitions of some Public Administrative/Organizational words:-

Human Resource : Modern approach to personnel management involves treating people as ‘resource’, which needs to be deployed effectively, in order to gain maximum utility for the enterprise.

Human Resource Planning : Human Resource Planning is both an internal and an external process, since personnel inventory is prepared of available personnel from both internal and external sources and proper placement policy devised accordingly. It is also known as manpower planning.

Planning : Planning is an interactive process involving sieving and sifting myriad interests, wherefrom, an alternative is selected, foregoing other possibilities. The major issue in planning is achieving strategic ‘fit’ between policies and resources.

G Grievance: Grievance is manifest discontent. Grievance articulation requires institutional mechanism to nip discontent in the bud. Grievance articulation and redress form part of corporate social responsibility.

Industrial Unrest: Strikes, lock outs and indiscipline on the part of workers are manifestations of industrial unrest.

N Negotiation: The Human Relation School of Thought epitomised the idea of constructive management- worker interface. By Follett’s understanding, conflict should be resolved with a positive perception, without insisting on either “domination” or “compromise” on the part of any party. The idea of Negotiation is to avoid referral the dispute to courts, or adjudication, which might involve protracted proceedings.

Retrenchment: Lay off of workers, following mergers and an acquisition of undertakings is termed retrenchment.

Organisational Development (OD): A planned change process which is a continuous learning exercise. Change is structural, functional and behavioural, pertaining to organisational culture. OD consultants are employed by organisations to lend expertise to the process.

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