Suggested Reading For Public Administration For IAS & Other All State Civil Services Mains Examination (Paper - 2)


:: Paper 2 ::

Dear Aspirants,
After huge success of our (a) online course on Public Administration for Mains Examination and (b) Study kit on Public Administration for Mains Examination, we are feeling proud of the responses we are continuously getting from all of you. And as per request from your side , here I am with a detailed list of suggested reading for PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION for IAS and other all state civil service mains examination.
This list is very comprehensive and result of hard work and will hopefully fulfill the need of all of you whether you are preparing for IAS or any other state services.

Few of very good books mentioned below are now not easily available in the market but for that you can refer a library, thankfully we tried our best to accommodate such all and other relevant things in IASEXAMPORTAL Study kit on Public Administration for Mains Examination so as to save your time and energy.

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Chapter: 1 Evolution of Indian Administration

  • Kautilya’s Arthashastra;-Arora and Goyal
  • Mughal administration;-Arora and Goyal
  • Legacy of British rule in politics and administration- Arora and Goyal
  • Indianization of public services, revenue administration, district administration, local self-government- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT

Chapter: 2 Philosophical and Constitutional framework of government

Chapter: 3 Public Sector Undertakings

  • Public sector in modern India- Laxmi Narayan
  • Forms of Public Sector Undertakings-Awasthi and Maheshwari
  • Problems of autonomy, accountability and control- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Impact of liberalization and privatization- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT

Chapter: 4 Union Government and Administration

  • Executive, Parliament, Judiciary - structure, functions, work processes; recent trends; Intragovernmental relations- Arora and Goyal/ IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Cabinet Secretariat;- Arora and Goyal
  • Prime Minister’s Office;- Arora and Goyal
  • Central Secretariat;- Arora and Goyal
  • Ministries and Departments;-Hoshiar Singh
  • Boards; Commissions;- Hoshiar Singh
  • Attached offices;- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Field organizations- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT

Chapter: 5 Plans and Priorities

  • Machinery of planning-H K Paranjape/IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Role, composition and functions of the Planning Commission and the National Development Council- Arora and Goyal
  • ‘Indicative’ planning- Arora and Goyal
  • Process of plan formulation at Union and State levels-Arora and Goyal
  • Constitutional Amendments (1992) and decentralized planning for economic development and social justice- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT

Chapter: 6 State Government and Administration

Chapter: 7 District Administration since Independence

  • Changing role of the Collector;- Arora and Goyal
  • Union-state- local relations-IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Imperatives of development management and law and order administration-S S Khera
  • District administration and democratic decentralization-Arora and Goyal

Chapter: 8 Civil Services

Chapter: 9 Financial Management

Chapter: 10 Administrative Reforms since Independence

  • Major concerns of Administrative Reforms; - S R Maheshwari/ IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Important Committees and Commissions;- S R Maheshwari
  • Reforms in financial management and human resource development;- IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Problems of implementation- S R Maheshwari

Chapter: 11 Rural Development

  • Institutions and agencies since independence;-IASEXAMPORTAL STUDY KIT
  • Rural development programmes: foci and strategies;-Arora and Goyal
  • Decentralization and Panchayati Raj;- Arora and Goyal
  • 73rd Constitutional amendment.- S R Maheshwari

Chapter: 12 Urban Local Government

Chapter: 13 Law and Order Administration

Chapter: 14 Significant issues in Indian Administration


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