Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer - 28

Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer

(Public Administration Paper I / Chapter: Personnel Administration)

(Current Based) Question : Discuss the principal considerations in developing a sound remuneration for civil servants. (25 Marks/350 Words)

Model Answer :

A sound remuneration system for a civil servant enables them to meet the expenditures for their family and other responsibilities. It is also a factor that enhances their prestige in their respective social circles. In order to make the remuneration attractive to the top talent of the country certain principal considerations have to be applied and for that after a certain gap Government of India appoints Pay Commission to review the existing pay scales.

Principal Considerations:

1) The emolument must be comparable with the Private Sector so that it does not offer competition to the Government Service
2) Anderson Committee on Pay (1923) suggested to pay what is necessary to recruit and retain efficient staff.This principle in the Committee’s opinion, included within it, all the relevant factors of responsibility, cost of living, marriage, children, social position, etc.
3) The cost of living in the area of service must be incorporated in arriving at the emolument. However, with fluctuations in the economy there must not be fluctuations in the pay. Therefore a minimum subsistence level must be fixed
4) The pay must be commensurate with the mean of the per capita income of the country
5) A principle of equal pay for equal work must be adopted to reward effort with incentives
6) There can be regional variations in the pay scale to meet the conditions of high costs, hardships due to remoteness, extreme weather conditions or the rigor of the field service.

In addition to these considerations, civil servants are also entitled to a dearness allowance that covers their living expenses with

a) Housing or House Rent Allowance
b) Children Education allowance especially in areas of remote location for Class III and IV employees
c) Access to medical care and treatment for the family
d) Travelling allowance which covers their daily travel for Government work

In nutshell,it can be observed that remuneration of civil servants are decided by taking into consideration their economic , social and health well being. A comprehensive remuneration plays an important role retaining the employee and keeping him motivated to fulfill the requirements of job in an efficient way. (Total Words- 344)

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