Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer - 39

Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer

(Public Administration Paper I / Chapter: Personnel Administration)

(Important) Question : "What is meant by expression Human Resource Development ? Explain its importance in developing countries." (40 Marks/500 Words)

Model Answer :

Human Resource development (HRD) is an organizational effort to develop capabilities and competence among employees as well as to create an environment conducive to the employee’s development. It is a well recognized fact that human beings are the most important elements in an organisation. It is by developing the efficiency ,integrity and intelligence of its personnel that organisation can grow into dynamic entreprises.HRD approach considers humans as resources and seeks to nurture these resources. Organisations face very dynamic environment in developing countries. Their functioning is widely influenced by changing global factors, national factors, societal demands as well as their internal demands to achieve time bound targets. Developing countries offer wide range of opportunities to various organisation. Thus organisation have to carry out their activities to sustain stiff competition as well as to expand themselves. Moreover, most of the developing countries are characterized by heterogeneity and overlapping. Hence organization need to plan their activities with respect to different economic and social segments. Thus it may be concluded that developing countries offer both untapped opportunities as well as tough challenges to organization. In such scenario, updated workforce with changing environment is a prerequisite for an organization to work efficiently.HRD is of utmost importance at every organistaional level in a developing country.HRD not only enhances skill set of an individual but also boosts one’s morale to work in sync with organization towards achieving common goal.

  • Human Resource Development is a critical component of effective administration and the instrument of development, in developing countries. Human Development Report 2013 suggests that investments in Human Resources training and capacity building would lead to exponential returns. Taking the Indian context for a developing country, Human Resource Development is important because:
  • India has a large demographic dividend. Census 2011 shows that 30.76% of the population 15-24 and 41.14% of population is aged 25-59. The median age of all states ranges between 19-31. This shows the critical need to invest in our human resources since the Indian population is young and must be nurtured to contribute to the inclusive growth story
  • People are sovereign in India's democratic setup and hence their interests must be aligned to the goals of the organization. Active engagement policy must be followed with respect to employees since in a highly mobile labor industry, the personnel can always take other more satisfying job. Therefore retention must be a priority through HRD
  • The organizational environment must provide for the social and psychological needs of the employee thereby strengthening the social capital in the organization
  • Developing countries exist in a dynamic environment and hence HRD must provide adequate training that educates and empowers the employee with capabilities to perform well on their jobs.

Therefore in Developing Countries, there is a need for a concrete Policy to approach HRD. There must be focus on increasing the awareness of the personnel so that are equipped to take more informed decisions. HRD must also be informed by research to meet the needs of contemporary challenges. (Total Words- 499)

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