Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer - 41

Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer

(Public Administration Paper I / Chapter: Administrative Behaviour)

(Important) Question : Discuss the importance of Communication in Motivation. (20 Marks/250 Words)

Model Answer :

Communication is most important facilitators of managerial activities. Communication keeps people in an organization informed. Good communication induces people to give their best in an organization. It is through communication that fears and misunderstandings of employees are removed and they are helped to understand the viewpoint of management.

Communication is the basis of all synchronized actions. The work in an organization is done at different levels and processed by different individuals and departments. Unless the employees know the objectives of their company, they cannot associate these objectives with that of their own.

Communication makes an employee understand what standards are expected of them and how the policy decisions are likely to affect the workers. Given an opportunity employees’ feedback may lead to innovative implementation and overall progress of an organization.

Motivation theorists have emphasized on the needs and aspirations of the employees as important factors in determining their motivation at the workplace. Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy theory brings out the different levels of motivation that an employee can seek, however to make this available to the employee a feedback mechanism has to be integrated into the communication design so that manager’s know the goals of the employees. McGregor’s Y and Ouchi’s Z theory highlights a democratic decision making process which is participative, as a method to increase motivation and can be facilitated through both horizontal and vertical communication. Thus communication improves morale and motivation as through effective and clear communication meeting of minds can be brought about. (Total Words- 248)

(Linkages : Communication and Motivation, Communication and Facilitator of Managerial Activities, Communication and Democratic Decision Making)

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