Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer - 5

Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer

(Public Administration Paper I / Chapter: Personnel Administration)

Question : There are numerous considerations and several steps in an effective performance appraisal. Explain. (25 Marks/350 words)

Model Answer :

Performance appraisals are an employer's way of telling employees what is expected of them in their jobs and how well they are meeting those expectations. Performance appraisals are used to support HR decisions, including promotions, terminations, and training.

Performance Appraisal Steps

  • Define the job and performance standards- The job should be well defined so that the employee knows what tasks are critical. Standards of acceptable performance also should be determined for each task—for example, quantity produced, quality of work, and timeliness of task completion. Standards should be the same for all employees in that particular job.
  • Plan for performance- In this stage, the supervisor and employee develop a plan for the rating period that guides the subordinate's work. During planning, the employee must understand the key tasks of the job, the results and conduct required in the job, and the standards of performance.
  • Monitor performance- Both the employee and the employer should be actively involved in monitoring the employee's performance during the rating period. Throughout the rating, the supervisor should provide feedback to the employee, reinforcing good performance and correcting poor performance. The employee should be encouraged to discuss both performance successes and problems throughout the rating period.
  • Appraise performance and conduct performance interview- The supervisor completes a performance appraisal form and conducts a performance appraisal interview with each employee. Employees should be told how well they are doing, why they are doing well or poorly, and what they can do to improve or maintain their performance.
  • Reward performance- During this final stage, good performance often is reinforced with a reward. The reward system should be capable of differentiating among various levels of employee performance—for example, the highest performers would get the greatest reward and the lowest performers would get the smallest reward or no reward. (Total Words- 355)

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