Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer - 9

Public Administration Mains 2017 : Model Question and Answer

(Public Administration Paper I / Chapter: Comparative Public Administration)

Question : Write a note on 'Ecology and Administration' (20 Marks/300 words)

Model Answer :

Ecology and Administration highlights the relationship of interdependence between Administration and the Social System, the environment of which the Administration is embedded it. It is influenced by and influences the environment making the interaction dynamic in nature. F.W Riggs has been a proponent of this theory and describes the social environment as the existing institutions, history, law, religion, traditions, beliefs and economic environment of the social system. The degree of influence on the administration of each of these variables will depend upon the 'setting'.

The relevance of this study emerged in the 1950's when the US was rolling out its Marshall Plan in European nations and had to get a better understanding of the social, cultural, political and economic environment of these countries in order to effectively roll out and customize its administration through its technical plan.

Ecology affects administration and in turn affected by it.

(a) With a change in economic policy in the 90's (economic dimension of ecology)the stress in administration is for right sizing....and developing it to the tune of corporate managers. Although administration also affected economic policy in the name of social justice and the complete control of market forces had never been given.

(b)Under the new social environment when the urban youth is more inclined towards getting high perks in MNCs the rural youth are now more inclined towards administrative jobs and this one is also in tune with the policy of government because India lives in villages.

(c)The present political establishment is committed to the guidelines of the World Bank and IMF and as a result practices like disinvestment, Right sizing, control over subsidy and openness are new norms for administration. The new expectation from administration is more accountable and friendly to people and political environment in contrast to its earlier feudal outlook. (Total Words-299)

(Linkages : Ecology , Administration , Fred W Riggs , Social System , Political Environment )


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