Current Affairs for IAS Exams - 04 May 2021

Current Affairs for IAS Exams - 04 May 2021


SUTRA model

  • Scientists working on the SUTRA model have rejected media reports claiming that they had cautioned the Government regarding the second wave of the corona pandemic in March this year.


  • SUTRA model is used for charting the trajectory of COVID-19 in the country. 
  • Group of scientists working on the model stated that a mathematical model can only predict future with some certainty so long as virus dynamics and its transmissibility don’t change substantially over time. 
  • They added that in the case of COVID-19, the nature of the virus has been changing very rapidly.
  • In such a context, they said any prediction for COVID-19 must be continually readjusted. 
  • The Scientists working on the SUTRA model said that they continue their efforts to better estimate the future trajectory of the pandemic.

Fire safety regulations for public buildings

  • Last year there were fatal fires in hospital buildings, including those treating COVID-19 patients. 


  • According to the National Criminal Records Bureau (NCRB), 330 people died in fires in commercial buildings in 2019, while deaths in residential or residential buildings were high. 
  • Power outages are cited as the leading cause of fires, but state governments are widely criticized for being sloppy with building safety laws and for failing to equip public buildings with modern technology because they are infused with oxygen and must meet high standards. 
  • Part 4 of the National Building Code of India deals with fire and life safety. 
  • The document contains specifications and guidelines for design and materials that reduce the risk of destructive fires. under the institutional category in the Code.


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United Nations Operation In the Congo

  • It was UN peacekeeping mission which took place in Republic of Congo between 1960 -1964.
  • India contributed to the mission diplomatic and military expertise, troops, food and aid.
  • UN Peacekeeping is an instrument developed by the UN as a way to help countries torn by conflict to create the conditions for lasting peace.
  • There are currently 12 peacekeeping operations led by the Department of Peace Operations.

Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards

  • It is one of the key instruments in international arbitration. 
  • Its two basic components include:
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, i.e., arbitral awards made in the territory of another (Contracting) State.
  • Court of a Contracting State, when seized of a matter in respect of which the parties have made an arbitration agreement, must, at the request of one of the parties, refer them to arbitration.
  • It is adhered to by more than 160 nations, including India.


Non-resident taxable persons

  • Non-resident taxable persons(NRTP) any person who occasionally undertakes transactions involving the supply of goods and/or services butwho has no fixed place of business or residence in India. 
  • Under GST law there are separate sets of provisions for registration, returns, refunds, etc. for them.
  • Domestic taxpayers: Registration under GST needed only if the aggregate turnover exceeds the prescribed threshold.
  • NRTP: They are required to compulsorily register under the Indian GST laws irrespective of the quantum of turnover involved.


Pox 186

  • Astrophysicists the usage of the Gemini telescope have noticed the first ‘blow-away’ galaxy, wherein the hydrogen clouds had been stripped off exposing high-electricity light.
  • This locating may want to deliver a clue to fixing the puzzle of the reionisation of the universe. 


  • The galaxy, named Pox 186, is so small that it may suit in the Milky Way. 
  • The researchers suspect that its compact size, coupled with its huge populace of stars -- which quantity to 100 thousand instances the mass of the sun -- made the blow-away possible. 

Gemini Observatory:

  • The Gemini Observatory is an astronomical observatory along with 8.1-metre telescopes, Gemini North and Gemini South, which might be placed at separate websites in Hawaii and Chile, respectively. 
  • The dual Gemini telescopes offer nearly whole insurance of each the northern and southern skies.
  • They are presently amongst the most important and maximum superior optical/infrared telescopes to be had to astronomers.


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