Current Affairs for IAS Exams - 26 April 2021

Current Affairs for IAS Exams - 26 April 2021


FOSS4GOV Innovation Challenge

  • It was announced by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to accelerate adoption of Free andOpen-Source Software (FOSS) in government.
  • The challenge calls upon FOSS innovators, technology entrepreneurs and Indian Startups to submit implementable open-source product innovations with possible applications for Govtech in Health,Education, Agriculture, Urban Governance etc.
  • FOSS allows users and programmers to edit, modify or reuse the software’s source code.
  • This gives developers the opportunity to improve program functionality by modifying it.

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Mission onNet Zero

  • Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CM) IGBC has launched ‘IGBC Mission on Net Zero’ to facilitate ‘India Achieve net zero carbon emission status by 2050’.
  • Net zero, also called as carbon-neutrality, is a state in which a country’s emissions are compensated by absorption and removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
  • IGBC is part of CM with vision to enable a sustainable built environment for all and facilitate India to be one of the global leaders in the sustainable built environment by 2025’.
  • CM is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed organization, playing a proactive role in India’s development process, founded in 1895.


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Kowloon peninsula

  • Hong Kong is set to grant a site on the western Kowloon peninsula, to China’s national security office for its permanent base in the city.
  • The national security law has allowed officers from China’s security forces to take enforcement action in the city for the first time.


  • The Kowloon Peninsula is a peninsula that forms the southern part of the main landmass in the territory of Hong Kong, alongside Victoria Harbour and facing toward Hong Kong island.
  • The Kowloon Peninsula and the area of New Kowloon are collectively known as Kowloon.
  • Geographically, the term “Kowloon Peninsula” may also refer to the area south of the mountain ranges of Beacon Hill, Lion Rock, Tate’s Cairn, Kowloon Peak, etc.
  • The peninsula covers five of the eighteen districts of Hong Kong.
  • Kowloon Bay is located at the northeast of the peninsula.

Idriss Deby

  • Recently Chad’s President IdrissDeby has died of his injuries following clashes with rebels called Fact (the Front for Change andConcord in Chad).
  • Chad is named after Lake Chad.
  • This is the second-largest lake in Africa, but has shrunk by 90%since the 1960s.
  • The Sahara Desert roughly covers 1/3rd of the country.
  • Remains of a seven-million-year-old human-like creature – or hominid - known as “Toumai” were unearthed in 2001.


Draft Standards for Road-Trains

  • Ministry of Road Transport and Highways published Draft Standards for Road-Trains.
  • The standards have been prepared based on European benchmarks.
  • These standards shall pave way for a break through intervention for fast and efficient movement of goods along the long-distance freight corridors.
  • Road-Train is a motor vehicle wherein the traction is provided by the puller, which is connected to a serial combination of trailers or semi- trailers.
  • These shall ply on select stretches to reduce congestion, save fuel and reduce noise & air-pollution.


African Swine Fever

  • The Mizoram government has declared certain areas the state as the epicentre of African Swine Fever (ASF).


  • ASF is a severe viral disease affecting domestic and wild pigs.
  • This trans-boundary animal disease (TAD) can be spread by live or dead pigs, domestic or wild, and pork products.
  • Furthermore, transmission can also occur via contaminated feed and fomites (non-living objects) due to the high environmental resistance of ASF virus.
  • There is no approved vaccine against ASF and it does not affect humans.


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