Current Affairs MCQ for UPSC Exams - 09 October 2019

Current Affairs MCQ for UPSC Exams - 09 October 2019

Q1. Consider the following statements :

1) A minor planet is an astronomical object in direct orbit around the Sun (or more broadly, any star with a planetary system) that is neither a planet nor exclusively classified as a comet.
2) Objects are called dwarf planets if their own gravity is sufficient to achieve hydrostatic equilibrium and form an ellipsoidal shape.
3) Celecs, found in 1801, also known as a dwarf planet, was the first minor planet discovered.

Which of the above statements are true ?

a) 1 & 2 only
b) 2 & 3 only
c) 1 & 3only
d) all of the above

Q2. Consider the following pairs of energy sources and the countries having their largest reserves :

1) Natural gas : Russia
2) Oil : Saudi Arabia
3) Uranium : Australia
4) Coal : United States

Which of the above pairs are correctly matched ?

a) 1,2& 3 only
b) 2,3 & 4 only
c) 1,3 & 4 only
d) all of the above

Q3. India has slipped 10 spots to rank 68th out of 141 surveyed countries in the annual global competitiveness index recently published by the world economic forum (WEF).Which of the following statements regarding the same stands true ?

1) WEF said that India's rank is high in terms of macroeconomic stability and market size but added that the banking system has been affected by a high delinquency rate.
2) United States has replaced Singapore as the world’s most competitive economy.
3) As per WEF, Information, communication and technology adoption in India has been weak; poor health conditions and low life expectancy are other reasons why India ranked low in terms of competitiveness.

a) 1 & 2 only
b) 2 & 3 only
c) 1 & 3only
d) all of the above

Q4. Which of the following statements regarding the Market Intervention Scheme (MIS) recently implemented in Jammu & Kashmir stands true ?

1) Market Intervention Scheme (MIS) is a price support mechanism implemented on the request of State Governments for procurement of perishable and horticultural commodities in the event of a fall in market prices.
2) Its objective is to protect the growers of these horticultural/agricultural commodities from making distress sale in the event of bumper crop during the peak arrival period when prices fall to very low level. Thus it provides remunerative prices to the farmers in case of glut in production and fall in prices.
3) Under the Scheme, in accordance with MIS guidelines, a pre-determined quantity at a fixed Market Intervention Price (MIP) is procured by NAFED as the Central agency.

a) 1 & 2 only
b) 2 & 3 only
c) 1 & 3only
d) all of the above

Q5. The members of the local Adivasi community named Aarey recently offered a garland of flowers to a handmade drawing of felled trees in Aarey forest. The community members lit candles and paid tribute to the felled trees.

The above said tribal community belongs to which of the following Indian states ?

a) Karnataka
b) Maharashtra
c) Jharkhand
d) Odisha

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Answer :

1. (a) 2. (c) 3. (c) 4. (d) 5.(b)