Current Affairs MCQ for UPSC Exams - 19 November 2019

Current Affairs MCQ for UPSC Exams - 19 November 2019

Q1. Consider the following statements :

1) Under - nutrition continues to adversely affect majority of women in India. In India, every third woman is undernourished and every second woman is anaemic. An undernourished mother almost inevitably gives birth to a low birth weight baby.
2) Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY) is a Maternity Benefit Programme that is implemented in 100 backward districts of the country in accordance with the provision of the National Food Security Act, 2013.
3) The eligible beneficiaries would receive the incentive given under the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) for Institutional delivery and the incentive received under JSY would be accounted towards maternity benefits so that on an average a woman gets Rs 6000.

Which of the above statements are true ?
a) 1 & 2 only
b) 2 & 3 only
c) 1 & 3only
d) all the above

Q2. Nutrition has a strong correlation to health, and is integral to growth and development. Which one of the following factors can be regarded as timely interventions effective in improving nutritional outcomes in children ?

1) Breastfeeding
2) More Physical activity
3) Vitamin A supplementation
4) Overfeeding
5) Full immunisation

a) 1,2 & 3 only
b) 1,3 & 5 only
c) 2,3 & 5 only
d) 2,4 & 5 only

Q3. The RBI has recently mentioned the electoral bonds introduced in 2017 in India as “bearer bonds”. Which of the following statements regarding the same stands true ?

1) A bearer bond is a bond or debt security issued by a business entity such as a corporation, or a government. As a bearer instrument, it differs from the more common types of investment securities in that it is unregistered.
2) Bearer instruments have the potential to become currency and if issued in sizeable quantities can undermine the faith in bank notes issued by the central bank.
3) Bearer bonds have historically been the financial instrument of choice for money laundering, tax evasion, and concealed business transactions in general.

a) 1 & 2 only
b) 2 & 3 only
c) 1 & 3only
d) all the above

Q4. Which of the following statements regarding avalanches stands true ?

1) An avalanche (also called a snowslide) is an event that occurs when a cohesive slab of snow lying upon a weaker layer of snow fractures and slides down a steep slope.
2) If the avalanche moves fast enough, some of the snow may mix with the air forming a powder snow avalanche, which is a type of gravity current.
3) They are also known as slushflows or mudslides as the landscape varies accordingly.

a) 1 & 2 only
b) 2 & 3 only
c) 1 & 3only
d) all the above

Q5. Emirates Post, in association with Arab Postal Authorities, has issued a unified commemorative stamp entitled ‘Al Quds - Capital of Palestine’, to support Al Quds’ cause and to protect its Arabian heritage.
AI Quds is the Arabic name of which of the following cities of west asia ?

a) Cairo
b) Jerusalem
c) Tehran
d) Doha

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Answer :

1. (c) 2. (b) 3. (d) 4. (a) 5.(b)